More pictures from the Jacksonville Muster

The thumbnail pictures below are linked to very large (500k each) high dpi pictures. They will print out great but will take awhile to download.

GLC, DooDah and Jim Brookman

2 Star and Carl Peters

OB and GLC Bear

Waiting for the Ship Tour

Ship Tour Group Photo

Chiefer, JohnE, Harold and Walt

Harold and Walt

Big Dave Gholson and Donna

Pat Sisler

OB and JohnE

Pat, Lady Anne, Barb, Robin and pat

April's cigar

April's cigar part deux

Peggy Sanders (LPABF)

Big Dave, Lady Anne and Pat

Big Dave, Lady Anne and Pat

Greg Brown (Builder) and Janet

Harold, Kim Theisen (xcheezhd), Stephanie Beckkard, Robin

BBQ at the CPO Club

BBQ at the CPO Club