Goat Locker Get Togethers

More pictures from the Jacksonville Muster

PhillyRube and Wendy

April and Stas

Jess and Pat

Pat Dave and Donna

Jim and 2 Star

Greg (Builder) and Janet

Tony and Siggrid

Barb Robin and John

Brenda and Jess

Barb and Robin

OB and Joel

John and coin holder

Dave and Donna

2 star

Ship tour

Ship tour

Ship tour

Group photo during the Ship tour

JohnE being well..... JohnE

Carl Peters, Brenda and Jim Adams

PhillyRube and Wendy, Greg (Builder) and Janet, Jess

Robin, Barb, JohnE, Two Star and Jim Brookman


April, Mac and Anne, Pat and Diane

Dave and Donna, April, Anne


Jim Adams, OB, Jess

Howard Pepper and GLC Bear

YoYo and Chiefer

YoYo, Harold, Two Star and Mac

Pat, Barb, Kim Theisen (xcheezhd), Stephanie Beckkard, Robin

Dave and Donna, Adam

JohnE, Tony Yebba

Two Star and Pat

Two Star and OB