USS Gurnard Crew Members Log

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Name: Michael Sylvester, YNCS(SS), USN, Ret.
Time:02/12/2006 6:27:25pm
Comments:Leading YN from 1978 to 1981. Came aboard as a YN1, left as a Chief, SS qualified. Transfered to NROTC Unit, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL, then retired in 1985.

Name: Dennis Barr STS1(SS)
Time:01/30/2006 2:16:00pm
Comments:on board Gurnard from Aug 75(?) through discharge in Dec 77, did subicex, dsrv and lots of the overhaul in Bremerton...

Name: Gary Carter MS3 ( su)
Time:01/23/2006 6:39:33pm
Comments:served from78 to 80 looking for shipmates. please forgice the nonquall!!

Name: Mel Johnson ICC(SS)
Time:01/22/2006 6:46:36pm
Comments:Served in training capacity while the SS-254 was in Reserve at Tacoma, Wash. My last boat was HALIBUT-SSGN587 Then at SubTraFac (boomer) on Ford Is. Hawaii

Name: QMC(SS)James Raven
Time:01/20/2006 9:51:36pm
Comments:served on Gurnard 92-94 looking for QMC Young & QM1 Taitt

Name: David Sandell
Time:01/08/2006 1:37:31am
Comments:Spent 1 year (Jun 1981 - Mar 1982) on Gurnard as an RM2(ss) before converting to CTT...

Name: Gary Woodworth
Time:01/03/2006 7:12:29pm
Comments:Served as E Div LPO 71-74. Made the 04 reunion in SD and was looking for info on the reunion in 06. Just recently discovered the website. Would be glad to hear from anyone who remembers me. Woody

Name: Duglas W. LaMont
Time:12/25/2005 8:24:16pm
Comments:MDR on Gurnard 87-90 looking for Greg Krame, Pat Clark, Mike Hendrix and Jess Norris.

Name: Clay Law
Time:12/08/2005 7:57:54pm
Comments:this was my first boat, showed up mid 94 and rode to bremerton for decom, was last enlisted man to report for duty on 662, last man to ever earn dolphins on 662, after decom, stayed in wash st aboard ohio ssbn 726, got out after 4 years, moved back to wichita ks, went to school for aircraft mech, and have been working as jet engine mech at learjet since 98.married to annie have twins austin and alli,and baby cooper. would like to say its nice to see zach clouse is doing good, whats up frank and johnny.

Name: Dwayne Rivelli
Time:11/26/2005 11:26:55pm
Comments:Found some of my old friends, lost track of many. The nightmares have stopped so I'm ready to rehash the memories! CLIP - for sure! I've been in touch with Delmar Clark, Jim Banta, Pete Hill, Rich Romano, Mike Bullock, Joe Schouweiler, Tim Raposa, Pat Marchand, Bill Munsterman... still looking for Henry Boggs, Brian Pitts, Doug Steed, Mike Bullock (again), Jimmy Mack (lost in TX), and others. Still married (going on 17 years now). Send me a note.

Name: James Reynolds
Time:09/23/2005 12:08:20am
Comments:Severed on board in 84-85. I left during the shipyard because I had seriously ill son, who latter passed on. I ended up staying in and retired in 95.

Name: Alex Dowdle
Time:09/07/2005 10:56:18am
Comments: I've heard a rumor that there was once a glass door with a mermaid etched into it aboard the Gurnard (most likely in one of the heads). Please email me if you can confirm this or know the back-story. Thanks

Name: John Mastersa
Time:08/28/2005 7:21:14pm
Comments: Looking to find anyone who would know James Elza Masters Jr. Oct.1942-Oct. 1943

Name: Joe Schouweiler
From:Glendora, CA
Time:06/26/2005 7:30:01pm
Comments: Was member of crew from 87 - 90. Looking to make contact with Dwayne Rivelli and Pat Marchand.

Name: Phil Gibbs
From:Lewisburg KY
Time:03/06/2005 0:59:22am
Comments: Good to hear about the old boat. I was an EM1 during the grounding

Name: Reggie Johnson
From:Dallas Texas
Time:03/01/2005 8:24:57pm
Comments: Served on the Gurnard from 82-86

Name: Brian Dillon
From:Keizer, OR
Time:03/01/2005 6:55:40pm
Comments: ANGRY STS3 from Jan'90-Aug'91(I think, hell I can't remember). This really brings back memories. Some of them even good. There were so many times locked in the shack, laughing so hard I thought I was going to pass out or piss my pants. Despite my conformity issues I have never met or worked with a better group of guys. John, AJ, Alex, Glenn, Ramon, Chuck, Dan (you saved my *ss from the "chief" so many times), and the rest of you guys. I recognize so many names. The place was a professional hell but personally I would have died for some of you guys if it needed to be done. Misery does strange things to a man's mind. Even if it is self-inflicted. Look me up if you feel the need.

Name: YN1(SS) James J. Morrissey III
From:Shreveport, LA
Time:02/22/2005 11:02:10pm
Comments: I served from 1979 to 1982 onboard the best boat in the fleet. I have fond memories of my shipmates, LCDR Hack, my Boss, CDR Morgan, my CO, LTJG Barry who have me his Ensign Bars and told me to chase my dreams, Doc Dazell who taught me how to smoke a pipe, Russ Donaho who made me feel welcome as a member of A Gang, not many Yeoman do that, Alex Heilburg, my diving buddy and best friend, Lonestar, Howard Lamp, Billy Reister, we where the Battle Stations Helm, Stern, Diving Office and Messenger. Who I am today, is in large part due to my service and my shipmates. I will always be greatfull for you. Jim Morrissey, PhD.

Name: Frank Dyess
Time:02/18/2005 2:33:48am
Comments: Read some comments that brought back some interesting memory's of Gurnard. Served 88-93 Presently a Nuclear Medicine Tech., what difference from Quartermaster.

Name: Ernest E. Wessman
From:Salt Lake City, UT
Time:02/03/2005 11:26:21pm
Comments: Served as Engineer Officer on the SSN 662 from July 1976 until September 1979.

Name: Erwin Laureano a.k.a. Lizard
From:Eastern Washington
Time:01/14/2005 11:48:18am
Comments: short filipino ELT from 89-92.

Name: Stan Ratcliff
From:Lacey, WA
Time:12/23/2004 12:14:35am
Comments: RC LPO 76-78; still want to know who left the candy bar in the Rod Drive Cabinet before the Bremerton overhaul. Great reunion in San Diego and all the stories are better than before.

Name: Michael J. Rodriguez
Time:12/19/2004 9:50:55am
Comments: I served on the Gurnard in 1977 before being transfered to the William H. Bates, to take over the Mess. ( got to pull out my Records to get exact dates)

Name: Glen Goodrich
From:Santa Paula, CA
Time:Saturday 12/04/2004 2:10:04pm
Comments: Served as ELT from 91 until decom. Not a day goes by that I don't miss the Navy. It was great to see names of old shipmates and re-live some horrible memories. if you remember me, drop me a line.

Name: Douglas Groves
From:Arlington, TX
Time:12/01/2004 12:27:20am
Comments: Served onboard the Gurnard from 76-80 as an MS3. Left the ship the same day as Admiral Chiles (CAPT then) and both went to Washington D.C., me as a cook for the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Admiral to Bureau of Naval Reactors. Some of my fondest memories of the Navy were with Gurnard, great boat and great crew. I retired as A Navy Counselor Chief in October 2001 after 26 years service (24 active 2 Reserve) and now work as the Security/COMSEC Manger for NAS JRB Fort Worth.

Time:10/06/2004 11:57:10am

Time:09/30/2004 10:11:41am

Name: Aaron Black STS2/SS
From:Murrieta, CA
Time:09/04/2004 7:43:31pm
Comments: USS Gurnard was my third boat. On board from '93 - Decom. And all I got was this lousy paperweight! I am sure any of you nubs out there remember getting that Sonar, DC, or Bow Compartment sig from AB Negative - and liked it! - If you were man enough. I still remember the look on that poor boomer fag's face after I lit into him when he whined to me that he had to wear his uniform to roll call during stand down. Rob Evans, Pat and Munsterman had to pull me off him - good thing I was hung over still?!? Ah...decom in Bremerton. Gurnard was my last boat and I got to finish my um - time/career/term at SUBTRAFACSD ....what?!?!.....teaching? Who signed those orders?

Name: Gregory D. Bolling
From:Big Stone Gap, VA
Time:08/20/2004 1:06:59pm
Comments: Crewmember 4-69 to 9-72

Name: Bob Dyar STS1(SS)
From:San Diego, Ca
Time:08/12/2004 7:04:40pm
Comments: Hi All, Was a STS2(SS) from about 87-89 or so. Not sure how many will remember me but I am still alive and still in the Navy. I retire in Nov this year. Just found out about the reunion yesterday. Gurnard was by far the BEST of the 5 subs I had been on. So many Names I see here. Guys if you want feel free to contact me and let's catch up.

Name: FTC(SS) Frank A. Alvarado
From:San Diego, Ca
Time:07/28/2004 12:54:59am
Comments: Currently serving on USS Helena SSN 725. Served on Gurnard from May 92 - Decomm. Lots of memories (esp. WESTPAC '93 "The Jungle"). Caught up with STS1/SS (Ret.) James T. "MF" Criss during our ARCI install. Still see CS1/SS Chris Salas from time to time. Understand from reading our traffic that the Reunion will be touring the Helena on Saturday Aug 14th. I'll be on leave but will try to make it down to the boat that day.

Name: TM2 David Varnes
From:Fort Worth Texas
Time:07/28/2004 0:09:21am
Comments: Served 1982-84. Would like to hear from all my crewmates after all these years. swap stories and see what ya'll are doing now. I am a retired aircraft Mechanic with Delta and Southwest.

Name: Dan Sharer
From:Irvine, CA
Time:07/17/2004 2:30:47pm
Comments: Served on Gurnard from May 1988 to August 2001.

Name: Mrs. William Frank Gleason
Time:07/11/2004 2:37:24pm
Comments: William is an a nursing home, but I have pictures that I will send you for the SS254 page. The majority have not names, but I will send them anyway, as I'm sure someone will see a familiar face.

Name: J. R. Estey
From:San Diego, Ca
Time:06/26/2004 8:58:56pm
Comments: See all you fine men at the reunion at the Handlery in August.

Name: Jim Tracey
From:San Francisco Bay area, Ca
Time:06/25/2004 12:21:01am
Comments: Was an ETN3 (nosecone ET) on pre-commissioning unit at Mare Island and rode through sea trials and initial deployment.

Name: Tony Holst
From:Chula Vista, Ca
Time:06/23/2004 10:32:27pm
Comments: STSCS on board Aug92 - Oct94 with an outstanding sonar division. We had some fun especially on the last WESTPAC.

Name: Rich Montgomery ETC(SS)
From:Puyallup, WA
Time:06/17/2004 6:07:27pm
Comments: RC Div from 1986 to 1989. Seperated after 11 years as ETC(ss). Would be great to hear from any old shipmates!

Name: Leonatti, John H, STSCM(SS)
Time:06/12/2004 1:11:50pm
Comments: I served aboard GURNARD from 1989-1992. Best crew I've ever served with in 27 deployments. Tough times make tight crews! I've been an ACINT Specialist at Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) since 1992.

Name: Stefan Kapsch
Time:06/02/2004 4:01:54pm
Comments: I was delighted to find your webpage today. My uncle, Matty Kapsch, was the cook aboard the Gurnard. He died in 1950, but not before telling us many wonderful war stories, some of them heartbreaking. I am sorry I have no photos of him during his service--I recall there were some. I still have a photo he gave me of Mt. Fuji taken through the scope of the Gurnard, Feb 1943.

Name: Mike LaPrade
From:San Diego
Time:05/27/2004 10:55:46pm
Comments: Just wanted to say hello to all my old shipmates!

Name: Jose L Torres
From:Bangor, Washington
Time:05/11/2004 10:32:19am
Comments: Crew member from 83-85. Hello everyone, drop me a line if I sound familiar. Was a Deck seaman while on board.

Name: John S. Dovel
From:CCOMNAVPERSCOM millington, TN
Time:04/01/2004 5:03:28pm
Comments: it's a while ago since iv'e heard from anyone from my first boat. Still in and giving enlisted personnel about 1/2 BILLION in incentives each year. R/ MMC/SS Dovel 637 TOUGH

Name: Kenneth W. Brown
From:Greenevill, TN
Time:03/29/2004 10:14:01am
Comments: This is YN3(SS) then YNSN(SS) Kenneth W. Brown . Just checking on old shipmates from my military since 1989 to 1993 USS Gurnard was my last Sub duty.

Name: YNC(SS) Gary E. Wallis
From:Bremerton, WA
Time:03/23/2004 1:39:32am
Comments: Served onboard from 1986 - 1989. Now stationed at COMSUBRON NINETEEN, Bangor Washington.

Name: Tom Adams QMC(ss)
From:San Diego, CA
Time:01/15/2004 10:24:00pm
Comments: Looking for QM gang from Jun 1974 to Dec 1978. Tom Moorman, Rick Carpenter, Jerry Hatfield. Know where J.R. Estey is. Also Nav - Wiese and Carver.

Name: Carl Knowles STSCS(SS) Ret.
Time:03/03/2004 7:53:08pm
Comments: Served aboard Gurnard 1975 and 76. Crewmember during open ocean ops and went with the Rabbit to North Pole in 76. Departed just prior to overhaul. Enjoyed viewing just some of the shipmates role call. Look forward to spending more time doing same.

Name: Buster R. Zufelt
Time:03/02/2004 7:30:20pm
Comments: served on Gurnard 1977-1979.

Name: John E. Markley
From:Hollis, Maine
Time:01/29/2004 1:21:58pm
Comments: My dad, Jack E. Markley, served on the USS Gurnard during the war as a Radioman. He passed the final bar on August 11, 2000 and is resting at Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, Florida.

Name: Zach Clouse (MM3)
Time:01/15/2004 10:24:00pm
Comments: '92-Decom A-div and what a time we had. First off BUUDDDY.....and all know who you are it's great to see the names. As you can see I am still alive. These new prisons with computers are great....Just kidding!! And bill...clutch job @#%$! lets talk Trim and Drain pumps..loved guam. drop a line guys it's good to see ya.

Name: Johnny Gehlsen
From:Rapid city,SD
Time:01/15/2004 10:21:13pm
Comments: Served on the Gurnard 92-Decomm. Don't really miss the sea time but miss the good times with the boys. Looking for Frank,Scot,and the rest of the derelicts.Please drop me a few lines.

Name: John Hansford ETCM(SS) Ret
Time:12/16/2003 7:57:33am
Comments: I served on the commissioning crew of the SSN662. Great web site. See you all in San Diego in 2004.

Name: Ben Acosta
From:Phoenix, AZ
Time:12/15/2003 9:32:01pm
Comments: Retired and living in the "Valley of the Sun" but still working with nuetrons at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.

Name: Richard M. Stone
Time:12/05/2003 3:09:16am
Comments: Finest three years of my naval career

Name: Bruce Huett
Time:11/18/2003 7:59:41pm
Comments: Served onboard from 92 to decom.

Name: James Raven
From:Riverside ,CA
Time:10/16/2003 11:15:34pm
Comments: I served aboard the Gurnard 92-94.QM3(SS) Part of decomm crew looking for crew members

Name: david yurik
From:temecula california
Time:10/16/2003 2:48:34pm
Comments: served in RC-DIV from NOV 89 to decom APR 95. i should check this website more often. i had no idea there was a re-union. hope this finds everyone doing well (well mostly everyone). i am just updating info. work: 858-536-2233 cell: 619-843-7695

Name: Pat Clark
Time:10/03/2003 8:40:36pm
Comments: Was the COB's coolie,AKA 3M Coordinator in 87-88 MMCS(SS) then

Name: Frank Bordo
From:Norfolk Va
Time:09/27/2003 3:45:37pm
Comments: Serverd on Gurnard from 91 to 95. Would like to hear from the old Buddies.

Name: Mike Nowlen
Time:09/12/2003 6:08:20pm
Comments: EM1(ss) Served in the 'leper pit' from the the refueling overhaul in Bremerton until 1981. Couple of westpacs, Austrilia, Guam, PI, Hawaii, Indian Ocean. I was Electrical Operator when Bubbles busted Peterboy's ribs. Dead-bus Freddie Neff... you are my idol! GQ, Cheezer, Trog. Unconsious Ed picking the locks on the reduction grears. Lower-Level Loyd Briner. Riggs lifting the pressurizer safeties in San Diego Harbor after an ORSE.

Name: Kendall Webb
Time:08/31/2003 1:36:33pm
Comments: crew member ssn-662 1981-1984 Webb STS2

Name: Don Rich
From:Haleyville, Alabama
Time:07/29/2003 11:06:04pm
Comments: My first assignment. A green ensign. My best time in the Navy. Now retired.

Name: Jeff Penwell
From:Portland OR
Time:07/22/2003 11:00:09am
Comments: See alot of old friends listed here. Feel Free to give me an email.

Name: Don Rich
From:American Fork, Utah
Time:07/16/2003 7:03:42pm
Comments: I served from 1980 to 1983. This brings back alot of fun memories. had a great time serving on this boat. Congradulations Doc on the retirement.

Name: James Brown
From:Louisville, KY
Time:06/13/2003 11:36:22pm
Comments: I was on Gurnard in the mid 80's and would like to catch up with my old shipmates.

Name: David M. Ramon
From:Mansfield Texas
Time:06/09/2003 3:38:06pm
Comments: Served from 88 to 93. Just wanted to give my new email address. Still living in Mansfield Texas.

Name: George Walsh MM1 (SS) LELT
From:Reading , Pa
Time:06/08/2003 10:03:35am
Comments: I just happened to stumble onto this web site by accident. Saw a lot of familiar names. Served on board Gurnard from 1981-1986. I would like to catch up with Sam Heathe and Dusty Carden.

Name: Michael Kowalski
From:Silverdale, WA 98383 H# (360) 308-8470
Time:05/17/2003 3:35:21pm
Comments: I came back to the Navy in 2000 and am currently stationed on board the USS Parche SSN 683 the last 637 around. I would love to catch up w/old shipmates. My current e-mail is I hope to hear from many of you. If I don't return your e-mail, you'll know why. Last year we conducted the second longest single mission in submarine history, and this year's mission looks like it may be even longer. Fair Winds Friends, I hope to hear from many of you soon. Mike Kowalski FT2/ss

Name: Mike "Doc" Dalzell
Time:05/16/2003 7:01:50pm
Comments: Actually, this is Mike's wife, Cathie. I know this is late notice but Mike is RETIRING(!!!!) after 30 years on May 31, 2003. His ceremony is May 27th. If anyone out there would like to send him a retirement message, you can e-mail it to me and I'll print it out to give to him. Thanks, Cathie Dalzell

Name: Olaf R. Sorensen "Dick" "Swede"
From:Carlsbad, California
Time:04/26/2003 2:20:10am
Comments: My dad served on the Gurnard during WWII. I'm not exactly sure what dates, but I believe 1943-44. He had a friend, Andy Anderson from Colorado. My dad joined Davy Jones in 1990. He was very proud of his sub service. He wanted to live to be the oldest WWII sailor. I have a little memorabilia. I have his "Gooneyville Beer Hall Pass" and his membership card to The "Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep". Boy, they were silly guys! I know he patrolled what is now VietNam. Would love to hear from anyone who may have know him or even been on the boat around that time. Love the WebSite. Keep up the great work!! Linda Sorensen

Name: Chuck Martin EMCM (SS) Ret.
From:Bremerton, WA
Time:04/24/2003 5:59:39pm
Comments: I have a previous entry, just updating my e-mail address. I also have recently moved back to Bremerton, WA. Does anyone know how to contact Robert (Beans) Baxter MMCM SS/SW. Last I knew he was in SD, I suppect retire now.

Name: John Egel FTG2/SS
From:San Diego, Ca
Time:04/07/2003 8:22:38pm
Comments: I was on Gurnard from '90 to '93. Ran across a few folks here in San Diego. If you remember me, send an email my way.

Name: Phil Hill
From:East Stroudsburg, PA
Time:04/07/2003 5:15:24pm
Comments: Just retired from UPS and found this site. Many memories conjured up while looking through the Crew Log. Served on SSN-662 1969-74. Stutey,Lucash, Gubrud, Chief Butters, etc. etc. well remembered! Anyone remember Duffy?

Name: Mark A. Brudenell
From:Murphy, NC
Time:03/16/2003 3:02:34pm
Comments: I served from '83-'85 as a Nuke ET, got off and out just before the yards. It was only for 18 months but it was a great experience. I worked for Nebraska Public Power for three years then went back to school and got a Doctorate in Pharmacy. I've done nursing home consulting, was director of pharmacy for a state psych hospital in Florida and worked in support of a neonatal ICU. Currently I am working for a small healthcare system in western N. Carolina. (trying to enjoy life in the mountains)

Name: Rod Plemmons
Time:03/15/2003 7:01:34pm
Comments: hey guys what happened to ernie? served on the gurnard 91-93 transferred with TAG to the MckEE. Has anyone seen beehimer??already found woody

Name: CDR Jim Barnard
From:Newport, RI
Time:03/14/2003 4:18:01pm
Comments: Had a great, but medically abreviated, tour as the CHOP on Gurnard from 1988-1988. Great crew and wardroom! I'm still serving the Navy and am headed out for my O-5 Command tour on USS Bridge this summer.

Name: Everett L. Baker
From:Lusby, Maryland
Time:03/13/2003 9:02:44am
Comments: Just looking for old shipmates wondering if I could find any here, who remember RM2(SS) Baker from 1979

Name: Dave Keen
From:Santee, CA
Time:02/25/2003 8:40:56pm
Comments: 7/73 to 12/75. Young nuke. Learned lots in those short 2 1/2 years! Under PJ Stohl, I used that it wasn't gonna be this way when they gave me my own engineroom... Well they did and it wasn't.

Name: John Gilger
From:Las Vegas, Nevada
Time:02/25/2003 12:33:46am
Comments: M-Div chief and sometimes bull nuke 86-88. Lots of memories of good shipmates.

Name: Michael L. Mansfield
From:Anchorage, Alaska
Time:02/18/2003 1:04:11pm
Comments: I was assigned to USS Queenfish, SSN651 who was in Bremerton Shipyard in 1982. Roger Goss & I flew to Yokosuka, Japan and caught the Gurnard there for deployment on Spec Op. I fixed a broken AN/BSQ-3 prior to deployment, & qualified as sonar operator during that run. I remember little vans with Japanese all in white scooping up water from the pier each night while I stood midwatch topside before we left. The Japanese also hosted a softball/saki drinking match (I believe they won both). I had two weeks in Japan prior to Gurnard's arrival. Did a lot of tourist stuff in that time. It was great. I still have a wall plaque the captain gave me. That run made me a better sonarman for Queenfish. Nice to see a page on a good boat.

Name: Glenn Milhorn TME 2/C
From:Kingsport, TN
Time:02/11/2003 11:25:01am
Comments: Served in USS GURNARD SS254 A great boat with a great crew, with three great "Skippers" Herb Andrews,Norm Gage,and George Simmons.

Name: William Wood MMC/SS USN(RET)
From:Ocala, FL
Time:01/17/2003 4:05:32pm
Comments: Hi Guys, sure is great to see some old shipmates names.I was on the commissioning crew in 'a' division.I wonder if CDR Cole ever found out who put the picture of Daffy Duck over the nude painting in the wardroom the night ADM Rickover came on board for test trials!!!

Name: Jack Thomison
From:Knoxville, TN
Time:01/09/2003 3:38:12pm
Comments: Served as IC, E, and A Div. Officer from 1972 - 1975. Saw lots of old familiar names in the log.

Name: Tom Gehring
From:San Diego, CA
Time:12/25/2002 2:33:10pm
Comments: Wow - flashback...i was surfing, and on a whim checked out the Gurnard-Maru and found this treasure trove... I was XO from 90/91 - ICEX 90 and WestPac 91. Anyone remember the 91 POMCERT without the CO...I do! Tough times....but incredibly successful. Never went on to Command, but never had to leave SD - life is full of trade-offs. After Gurnard, I went on to XO on McKee for 4 years, then for my one and only shore duty. Retired in 98. Spent three years as a management consultant, then went on to be CEO of local non-profit. Finally got my command tour...lot's of fun. We finally (afer many travails) had a son in 97. If you're in SD, and are so inclined, look me up and we can swap lies, er sea stories. Cheers, Tom

Name: Beaver (Ed) Valenzuela
Time:12/06/2002 10:34:39pm
Comments: I was on the commissioning crew at Mare Island in 1968-69. I was looking through this site and saw some names of guys I worked with. Believe it or not, I can still see their faces like it was yesterday. I am a Captain on the LA City Fire Department. I have been with them 26 years. I live in Malibu, Ca. Does anyone know whatever happened to the CO Cole, or the XO Severance. If you were on the commissioning crew drop me a line.

Name: Larry Rother
From:Port Orchard, Washington
Time:11/02/2002 8:59:12pm
Comments: This is a bit to much like old times.

Name: Mark S. Hale
From:Ghent, Kentucky
Time:10/29/2002 6:50:56pm
Comments: I served as Navigator/Operations officer from 1984-1987. I made a number of very good friends during my tour and would like to apologize for not keeping in touch. Drop me a line.

Name: Ron Paxton
From:Vacaville CA.
Time:10/16/2002 0:22:48am
Comments: Wow, lots of memories here. Glad to see all the names, too many to put faces to. Remember a few tho, Don Foltz, Jon Mickelson, Sattiho, Flener. I managed to serve there from 80 to 86. Don't know how I survived the christmas in PI, the party in perth, the mechanical bull in Yokosuka, the party in Adak, the continuos partying in San Diego, I remeber when the Bay turned yellow, I remember the work of E-div on the trim pump, Double rubber Scrubber, (ouch). Running around on the ice at the pole. Going to AZ with Lt Reiffer, where is he by the way, that ticket cost me $205.00 bucks, Boney Tiggers, your name is on the control rod plaque I still have, nickel a herd Burbridge, Sheehan, Talman, Jon Mickelson, still have the guitar you gave me, moved up to electic Fender tho. Thanks for all the great memories, ET1/SS RC Div 80-86

Name: woody thomas
Time:08/29/2002 9:37:16pm
Comments: looking for shipmate Rodney Plemmons,'90-'92

Name: Stephen (Steve) Skaw
From:Bangor, Wa.
Time:08/21/2002 10:18:13am
Comments: Attended the 2002 Reunion in Silverdale, WA. What a great time. Still active duty but it's almost over. What a great ride and it all started on Gurnard. Feb 1981 - Feb 1987

Name: MMC(SS) Timothy R. Fleenor
Time:08/13/2002 8:58:14am
Comments: Was a crew member to the grand lady from 82 to 87. Member of the best A-GANG assembled on a boat. Looking forward to hearing from former shipmates.

Name: Bill Phillips
From:MtVernon, MO.
Time:07/31/2002 4:40:25pm
Comments: Served onboard 1976-1979 MSSN- MS3

Name: Mitch Becker
From:Bremerton, WA
Time:07/28/2002 9:20:27am
Comments: I was a nuclear electrician on the "Goodfish Gurnard" (SSN-662) from April 1991 to May 1995. Currently, I am a Mustang (Tactical Systems Officer) on USS Kentucky (SSBN-737).

Name: Michael Volandt ic2ss
From:Northwest New Jersey
Time:07/23/2002 2:17:58pm
Comments: Shipmates,i've got a new e-mail address.those who desire please contact.I'm still looking for info on Senior Chief Litton,Troy Small rm2ss,and Hal walker et2ss.any word?

Name: Jeff Hingey
From:Tulsa, OK
Time:07/01/2002 10:04:18am
Comments: 90-92 SK3/ss has anybody heard from Woody A. Thomas MS3/ss (i think) Anyone else who remembers me, email me. Jeff

Name: James M. Browne
From:Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Time:07/10/2002 11:15:04pm
Comments: I served on the Gurnard SSN662 in the 70's. Electronics Technician

Name: Brian Johnson
From:Mt. Vernon MO
Time:07/01/2002 10:04:18am
Comments: I am looking for Larry "Big-Head" McMahon. If anyone knows where he is or if he is still alive let me know please. Thanks

Name: Bob whitney
From:El cajon,Ca
Time:06/10/2002 10:32:40pm
Comments: A-Gang 88-92. If I'd only stayed in....

Time:05/31/2002 8:57:34am
Comments: Nice to see so many old names and friends from gurnard making it possible to relight some very fawned memories and good times served as YN2(SS) DEC88 JAN91 looking fwd to reunions

Name: John Yocum
From:Beltsville, Md.
Time:05/22/2002 1:10:54pm
Comments: This is great. I can't believe I had never seen this until now.

Name: Del Clark
Time:04/29/2002 9:32:50am
Comments: I was on the Gurnard from 86-90 in A-gang.

Name: Del Clark
Time:04/29/2002 9:32:50am
Comments: I was on the Gurnard from 86-90 in A-gang.

Name: Charles Merendo
From:Peoria , Arizona
Time:04/26/2002 5:37:16pm
Comments: Great site

Name: Joel K. Medina
From:Westminster, Colorado
Time:04/16/2002 3:38:06pm
Comments: Stationed on the Gurnard from 85 - 87

Name: MM2(SS) Kevin Keyes
From:Bonita Canyon, California
Time:04/09/2002 9:32:11am
Comments: I was in the A-Gang from 75-80. Anyone seen O-ski? How about Dennis Drill, that was "one crazy torpedoman."

Name: Bob Stutey
From:Silverdale, WA
Time:04/08/2002 2:15:18am
Comments: Sonarman, Gurnard 11/67-12/71. Retired as Chief Ocean Systems Tech 9-86. Working on the Tridents since then.

Name: Wayne A. Thornton
Time:03/14/2002 8:50:57am
Comments: served as Engineer Officer, USS GURNARD (SSN 662) Nov 81 - Aug 84

Name: Andrew "AJ" Tabor, STS2/ss
From:Albuquerque, New Mexico
Time:03/08/2002 11:15:04pm
Comments: Served on board from JUN 89' - OCT 92' what an ice run, good thing the riders let me use their video for the (what they didnt know would not hurt them) Part of the sonar gang with john "Leo" Leonetti; Munsterman; Alex Herrera; Dave Barnet; Steve doran; Joe Hacker; FT tom canavan, Teddy bear;ET Hector cortez; many more to name. @#%$! good to see the names i have. drop me an email. Has anyone heard from these guys?

Name: Bob whitney
Time:03/08/2002 10:11:39pm
Comments: No cob,there is a life out there!!!!

Name: Ed Hilliard
From:North Pole Alaska
Time:03/05/2002 4:54:28pm
Comments: Served from 92 to decomm, the decom trophy still sits on my desk at wok to remind me how bad a job can really be. Anyone tat remembers me drop a line.

Name: Will Rogers
From:TN, retiring to Texas, near Ft Worth
Time:02/11/2002 2:58:49pm
Comments: Been a long time since 1973-1976 when I was there as a young pup officer. I hit 30 this June and have to retire. Looking for a job at Comanche Peak. If anyone has a connection, please contact me. Help is appreciated. Will

Name: John Lucash
From:Allentown, PA
Time:02/03/2002 3:36:59pm
Comments: I was in the sonar gang on the commissioning crew. Lots of great memories! Hope to make the 2002 reunion.

Name: William D. Kempfer MMCM(SS)Retired
Time:01/24/2002 1:15:48pm
Comments: Just dropped in to say hi to my fellow shipmates in the middle 1970's.

Name: Jim Gurnard
Time:01/10/2002 11:15:39pm
Comments: Saw the USS Gurnard in the PI in 1969. Now looking for a web site to obtain a ball cap, etc. Have a great 2002 !!!

Name: Jerry Bingham
From:Arlington, Tx
Time:01/04/2002 12:40:46am
Comments: I was looking at the photos on the Gurnard (SSN 254) website, and was surprised to see a pretty clear picture of my father. The photo I am referring to is the one that is labeled "Returning from 5th war patrol to Freemantle". My father, Leroy J. Bingham is the one on top of the conning tower in the dark uniform facing the camera. He was a Fire Controlman and a 3rd Class Petty Officer, although I don't know his rank at that time. Could you tell me how I could get in touch with the person that has that photo? I would love to have a copy of it. My father passed away the summer of 1989. He told me countless stories of his nine war patrols. He was the youngest sailor to serve on the Gurnard--an experiment of sorts. He was left topside once when a Japanese plane surprised them. Fortunately he was found about four hours later. I've heard many stories of Parks and Gleason, as well as Capn' Andy. Thank you for your time. I really would appreciate it if you could get me some information about that photograph. Jerry Bingham 1605 Lavender Ln. Arlington, Tx 76013 (817)265-8059

Name: Scott Leafe, MM1/SS/ELT (former)
From:Houston, Texas
Time:01/01/2002 12:35:41am
Comments: Stumbled in and see a great group of people I have great memories of. Served on board from 88 through 92. Made it through BUMPEX and still have fond memories of "Blame it on Rio" at APLIS!

Name: Dave Hawkins EMCM(SS/SW) ret.
From:McDonough, Georgia
Time:12/30/2001 9:39:29am
Comments: Served as ICC(SS) from 76-78 during the refueling overhaul in Bremerton,Wash with Hank Chiles as CO. Great times and a big relief to get out of that overhaul alive!! The nukes worked a lot of shiftwork and the work we put into the ship payed off later. Nicknames were abundant then ( mine was Chief ChickenHawk) and were all "given" by the ET2(SS). I retired in 99 from the USS McKEE after taking her to inactivation in Norfolk. Served on Guitarro, Gurnard, Pintado, Wm H Bates, and Topeka. Many of the Gurnard sailors were shipmates on other ships in my career. A special ship, with special people. Thanks for the memories.

Name: James C. Irwin
Time:12/18/2001 11:09:40am
Comments: I was one of the crew that assisted in the rescue of the downed B-52 crew during Typhoon Rita. I stayed with the Pilot during his recovery. My nickname was IVY Anybody from then, please contact me.

Name: David Yurik ET2/3/2(SS)
From:Sunny Temecula California
Time:11/04/2001 3:17:50pm
Comments: i was amazed to see this site. served in RC-DIV from NOV 89 to decom APR 95 (? mostly a black spot in my memory ?). i don't miss the boat. i don't miss the sea time. i don't miss field day or port and stbd duty. for all you who left san diego the mexican food is as good as ever. i do keep in touch with some of you. Boone, what can i say. thanks for introducing me to what the submarine fleet was really about. got out in 96 from the salt lake city. oh yea she lost her keys just before i got there. oohhh what fun that was!! took a year off to watch jerry springer and golf. have been working for siemens in san diego with alex herrara since FEB of 98. married for almost 10 years now with second ankle biter on the way. getting out was the best decision i ever made. y'all take care and please drop an e-mail if you have time. take care.

Name: Chuck Hoff
Time:11/03/2001 12:31:39am
Comments: M Div 1974 to 1980

Name: Clair Prokupek MSC (SS) USN ret.
Time:10/29/2001 11:51:47am
Comments: Does anyone know the whereabouts of ex 662 crew member, CS2(SS)Robert N. VanVoltenburg? AKA Fat Van or Dutch. If so, let me know huh?

Name: Andrew Hartweg
Time:10/25/2001 8:52:04pm
Comments: Will there be any reunions for the 662 in the near future? I was assigned to the Gurnard from Jan 90 - Oct 91. ET1/SS Hartweg Reactor Operator

Name: Dan Campos ETR2(SS) "Chico"
From:San Antonio, Tex.
Time:10/19/2001 2:36:50pm
Comments: I just found this web-page, what a surprise. It brought back a flood of memories. I served on board Gurnard from Nov. 1972 to August 1976. I made a WestPac and a Polar run. It was nice to remember all the old nick names. I served on Gurnard from Nov. 1972 to Aug. 1976. I was an ET with the Navigation Dept. I remember Mike Walls, Rex Johnson, Bill Perry, Chief Harris and all the other crewmates like Wasted Willy, Unconsious Ed the Mighty Flea. I was known as "Chico". Sure had some great times on the WestPac and the Polar run.

Name: Ruben Davis
From:Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Time:10/16/2001 5:17:06pm
Comments: Got my Dolphins on the Gunard

Name: Alan Harris
From:Desloge MO.
Time:10/16/2001 1:53:44pm
Comments: FTG3/ss Served from 1990-1992, Currently a corporate pilot for a company out of St. Louis.

Name: Rick Gesell
From:San Diego, CA.
Time:10/11/2001 5:16:14pm
Comments: I was a JO 92-94; I was onboard for the Guam vacation of '93. Are any JO's, or divers (yes I got my SCUBA bubble), or any of my manuevering midwatch assocites out there? drop me a line...

Name: Tony Biggers
Time:10/05/2001 1:47:07pm
Comments: ET1(SS) RO 80-81. Great to see some of those familiar nuke names: Burbridge, Leiker, Natarelli, Merendo, Coxon, Grouch, Carnes, Poulsen, Tallman. Remember Freemantle and Perth?

Name: John Feathers
Time:09/17/2001 1:09:31pm
Comments: My father was Tony Feathers, MM1. I have heard from Gunner Moe so far. Any other crewman interested in corresponding, please contact me. We welcome any information about dad. John Feathers (son)

Name: Fred Beavers
From:Boulder, CO.
Time:09/16/2001 10:29:15pm
Comments: JO on Gurnard from 82-84 (Sonar, MPA, Weps). Great to see so many names from those days. I'm now a Captain in the Naval Reserve, and an engineering manager in the civilian world. Drop me a line!

Name: Shane Bowen
From:Temecula, California
Time:09/04/2001 10:55:28am
Comments: Hey guys, what's up! I was an ET3 on the Gurnard from 1992 to decom. Drop me an email if anyone remembers me!

Name: Art Lavallee
Time:08/30/2001 7:32:26pm
Comments: My dad served on SS 254 Gurnard. His name was Henry "Art" Lavallee. I believe his rating was Fireman 1st. Class. Probably served on last several patrols,but not sure. Would like to hear from any surviving shipmates. My dad died in 1977 at age 59.He was from Providence, RI

Name: Brian Kerrins
From:Hobart, IN.
Time:08/28/2001 11:15:28am
Comments: served on USS GURNARD SSN-662 1980-1984) nickname "beke". Anyone have that great picture of gurnard surfaced at north pole during total darkness, I think it was the icex in 1984. If anyone could e-mail it to me i would really appriciate it.

Name: Pat Marchand
From:Pittsburgh PA.
Time:08/20/2001 11:06:07pm
Comments: MM2/SS A-Ganger onboard from 87-91. I am currently a fourth grade school teacher in a suburban Pittsburgh district.

Name: Duane Truitt
From:Tampa, FL.
Time:08/19/2001 3:14:18pm
Comments: Just checkin' in, with a new e-mail address. It's great to see so many more of the '74-'78 engineering "lepers" logging in ... by the way, Stanley (Ratcliff) ... that pic of yours that you posted in the Photo Album, where you asked who that was with you in Maneuvering? ... it was JOs Marsh Nadel and Frank Semple ... they were probably in there pickin' your brains to prep for their EEOW qual boards or upcoming ORSE ... either that, or they were pleading with you to do something about RC-Div's bad attitude! Anyway, it's really great to have this forum for all us subsailors to stay connected with old friends and old memories!

Name: Ben Acosta
From:Phoenix, AZ.
Time:08/18/2001 2:19:25pm
Comments: Reported as a baby nuke on 31 July 81 and transferred in Dec of 84 after the Northern run. Finally retired Dec of 2000 and working out at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station just outside of Phoenix. Again, I am starting over as a baby nuke but getting paid a little bit more. Hope all you shipmates are still breathing and walking and enjoying life. Ben

Name: Irby Dickherber
From:San Diego.
Time:08/15/2001 2:52:40pm
Comments: Plankowner, been looking for Ray Binns, found his sign-in but the address did not work. Anyone have more info?

Name: Larry Geraets
From:Chesapeake VA.
Time:08/14/2001 4:39:20pm
Comments: AKA Bolder. I was on the Gurnard from about 7/72 till 6/76 in M Div. I went to a lot of interesting places, did a lot of interesting stuff and met a lot of interesting people. I'm glad that some of you signed in. Contact me if you if you have the inclanation.

Name: Charles Bartholomew
From:Fall River, Massachussetts
Time:08/12/2001 11:08:56am
Comments: Served on board Gurnard from March 1973-March 1978, first tour(ICFN(SU)-IC1(SS). Second tour as ICC(SS) from June 1989-June 1992. Retired off of Gurnard June 1992. Lots of great memories. I want to thank all of the great people I served with, you truly made it a worthwhile and memorable experience. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! "We put the Rabbit on Ice."

Name: Jeff Hingey aka SK3/SS Hingey
From:tulsa Oklahoma
Time:08/09/2001 1:35:55am
Comments: Hey, good to see alot of names... I served on Gurnard 90-92... I have alot of good memories and miss alot of people. Anyone hear from Woody Thomas(the red hair'd cook)? I'm into tattoing now, and I'm a foreman for a plant here in Tulsa.

Name: Steve Poulsen
From:Bruce, Canada
Time:08/06/2001 6:54:12pm
Comments: 78-80, That was enough !!!

Name: Tim Carpenter STS-3
From:Billings Mt.
Time:08/04/2001 11:10:07am
Comments: I was on board 73-74 It's good to see some familiar names. Where's Squeek, Wasted Willy, the Buell brothers? We were pretty good sailors at sea but we had our troubles in port.

Name: Reece Hogins
From:Russellville, AR
Time:07/16/2001 11:26:01pm
Comments: I was in M-Division (MM2) from Dec/86-July/88. I'm a reactor operator at Arkansas Nuclear One in Russellville. I've been here for 12 years. Anyone know where Doug Dempsey is hiding out?

Name: Frank DiSabatino
Time:07/16/2001 11:26:01pm
Comments: Still looking for old shipmates from WW II on Gurnard, from 1944 - 1945. Frank DiSabatino, was Quartermaster on last five war patrols.

Name: Clark Lattimer
Time:07/11/2001 9:17:54pm
Comments: To my shipmates and all the other good folks that rode that proud boat during her Commision, a heartfelt hello. Drop a E-Mail Anytime Clark Lattimer

Name: Bill Stahl
Time:07/08/2001 7:18:31pm
Comments: I was the first DCA and a plank owner; was the Diving Officer on the boats first dive. My that was a long time ago. Just found out, unpappily that the Gunard is out of commission. I have really enjoyed reading of some of the adventures after I lift the boat in '69.

Name: Gary Sheehan
Time:07/05/2001 6:02:50pm
Comments: Crew member SSN-662 Aug 78 - Nov 82

Name: Jon Philp
Time:06/29/2001 11:16:21am
Comments: I was on the boat from 1980-82 as an A-Ganger. Many memories and lots of good friends

Name: Scot Ganshert
Time:06/23/2001 2:44:27am
is site before, nice to read some updates. I served 91-95 as ET2/SS (ESM). Just thought I would update my info. Feel free to email. Lookin for the "buddies" Scot

Name: David Ramon STS3/SS
From:Mansfield, Tx.
Time:06/19/2001 5:11:44pm
Comments: I served on board from 88-93. I did 2 West Pacs,1 Ice Run and the Bump-Ex. I haven't heard from anyone since shortly after I got out. Has anyone heard from Alex Herrera? It was great to find this site. I hope to hear from some people.

Name: Jim Ryan
Time:06/07/2001 2:48:27pm
Comments: in keeping with the Gurnards proud tradition only the best is offered at this site keep up the good work

Name: John Feathers
From:Charlotte, NC.
Time:06/03/2001 10:05:31am
Comments: My father served aboard the Gunard as a MM1 class during WWII. His name was Anthony "Tony" J. Feathers.

Name: Randy Fireplug Broughton
From:Harrison, Ar. soon to be Tampa, Fl.
Time:06/02/2001 4:30:41pm
Comments: I was an A-gang member from 1982-1985 with the best @#%$! crew a boat ever had. This showed recently when I asked for some assistance from my old shipmates and answers started coming in immediately. My wife and I have an 11 year old boy who has been afflicted with a horrific disease. Duchenes MD it is the worst strand of all the MD strands and even though he is still able to walk things are getting tough. Thanks to the MDA and other associatons the cost has been minimal up til now. Robbie is being accepted into a test with an antibiotic called Gentmicin the only draw back is it has to come at our own expense and we are getting ready to move back to Fl. another expense it is all hitting at once but we cannot afford to pass up the opportunity for a possible cure or at least an exxtension on hislife and ability to walk. I e-mailed some of the guys that i had there e-dress and got response almost immediately frm George Cook and Joe Wilson and that was the same night I sent out the plea for help I have since gotten more response I will not go into everybodies names you and God know who you are and I hope yo and your families never have to g through anything like this. Just another reason I relish being on the Gurnard. God Bless you all that went before me served with me and came after me I love reading about the great stories that are on this site. Hope to see all of yu some day soon.

Name: Joel Rittenhouse
Time:05/31/2001 6:44:40pm
Comments: My father is Thomas Rittenhouse Retired captain and crewman on the U.S.S Gurnard in WWII

Name: Neil Taylor
Time:05/26/2001 6:28:36am
Comments: MM1/SS, onboard Mar 92-Feb 94,

Time:05/15/2001 10:41:22am

Name: Ciro Lopiccolo ( Loopie )
From:Burleson, Texas
Time:05/07/2001 9:32:57pm
Comments: I was on the comm crew in A gang for 4 years. 2 west pacs,and the BOTTOM BOUNCE. It was quiet a great learning period. Chief Kirby was a great teacher and leader. loopie

Name: Jack H. Warden
From:Salem, OR
Time:05/05/2001 10:59:53am
Comments: I served on Gurnard from 7/72 to 5/74 Retired 9/74 and worked on Gurnard at PSNS, Bremerton several times later. Retired from PSNS in 1995. While on Gurnard I was in A-gang and 3M Coordnator

Name: Rothrock, Larry (Rodney)
From:Tacoma, WA
Time:04/27/2001 4:13:36pm
Comments: Served 69-71. RM2(SS) would like to hear from shipmates and about reunions, esp. Foote, Manful, Capt. Cole & XO Severance
Name: Stan Ratcliff
From:Lacey WA
Time:04/26/2001 7:42:28pm
Comments: Just looked in again. Saw some names, Sister Truella and a few others. Anyone remmeber the twin boys we had one of them was a defensive end for the Washington State Football Rose Bowl team. See WSU football archive photo for Aloha game. He is the one in the lounge chair in front. #67 (Jesse)is now a high school teacher. His twin (Sean) drives truck and was into bullriding, our daughter (Marie) does crew at WSU. I wear Hawaiian shirts, used to work with Bill Miller and have a new leper crew whose theme song is the Banana Boat song. In the browsing I have done lately I remember more nicknames than real ones. Anyway I have had a lot more luck finding Gurnard people than the Tautog people I was with. Thanks for the memories.

Name: David Keeley - Sonar Sup
From:Eastern Washington
Time:04/18/2001 1:07:53am
Comments: Sure miss the adventure and midnight sea stories. Wouldn't mind getting back in touch with the sonar gang.

Name: Mark LaCombe
From:Wilmington NC
Time:04/15/2001 4:59:30am
Comments: EM1(ss) '88-'92. Great to see so many familiar names. Fond memories of the WestPac, North Pole and being the only injury in the bumpex. Moved to the East Coast and work at Brunswick Nuclear station as an I&C tech/scheduler/planner/supervisor.

Name: Kim Schumann
From:St. Paul, MN
Time:04/13/2001 1:43:20pm
Comments: Tomorrow, April 14, 2001, marks the 25th anniversary of the surfacing of Gurnard at the North Pole. I doubt that the trip was one any of us that made it will soon forget. How many of you still have your mementos from the trip; the bottle of “North Pole” water, the letter postmarked from there and the “Blue Nose” card?

Name: Cary King STS-1/ss
From:Ft Worth TX
Time:03/25/2001 3:10:30am
Comments: I was in the sonar gang 80-83 got out and became a Firefighter in 85. Curently a Arson Investigator. Would love to hear from any of the guys I served with or other ex-662 sailors in this area.

Name: Marshall Nadel
From: Dallas Texas
Time:03/18/2001 7:51:57pm
Comments: Served on Gurnard from Feb 76 through April 78 on Ice Run,DSRV and refueling overhaul with three of my boat school classmates, Frank Semple, Craig Kvamme and Bill Rogerson. Fond memories of those great experiences Regards to all,

Name: MS3/SS Allen ,Todd G
From: long beach in.
Time:03/13/2001 0:16:09am
Comments: hello to all the crew if anyone knows how i can find timithy hulbert let me for me i no longer cook for a crew or officers now i cook for the very rich and most popular:) i even cooked at a 4 star restraunt and i want to thank all of you for letting me use you as my ginnypigs:) anyone hear from the old XO T.A.G. you guys were great and the best crew take care and GOD bless.

Name: Tom Gorey
From: JAX FL
Time:03/07/2001 10:36:09pm
Comments: Great to see all these old Gurndard sailors names. I'm still in the Navy plugging away on USS MARYLAND SSBN 738 BLUE, and having a blast. On Gurnard from 83' to 87'. Drop me a line some time.

Name: Dennis Swan MM1(ss) TJ
Time:02/24/2001 4:22:01pm
Comments: Served onboard from 76 -79. Currently work with Doug Coxon, Dwayne Carnes, Charlie Merendo, all ex gurnard sailors. Just finished reading some of the Crew Members log. Some memories and some great people. Oscar the grouch, Vato, Chief "Tusk", Coal Bucket, Trog, Sister T, Kimme Pooh, Chuckie Hoff. Does anyone remember Mr. Rogers jam dive err rise and the cleat under the frame 57 steps rocketing into control. How many of you still have the Bremerton 77 overhaul belt buckles? I remember so many names. Great people. How could something that sucked so bad then be so funny now??

Name: Sean Keck
From: Middle of the Mojave
Time:02/21/2001 3:35:24pm
Comments: Heya all, Just wanted to post a URL for you all to consider. The Old Gringo Memorial Bash at the Ranch is June 8-10. Details are at the site. We need some GurFish representation other than just me, spouse and the rugrat. Open to all the fish wearers (that would be Submarine Veterans so the A-gangers can understand... ;). Any of you in the Fresno-to-Bay area it would be a quick hop. (Do you hear me Tallman...). Sean

Name: Wayne Burnett
From: San Diego, CA
Time:02/20/2001 11:52:03pm
Comments: I served on the Gurnard from '70 to '72 as an MM2(SS) in the A-Gang. I remember some good times underway with "Bobby Bell" as skipper; A-Gang with Chief Hall, Dog, Loopie, Schooler, Tubby, Jeff, Billy (Frenchy) Frantz. I especially remember the "PUKE-FEST" during the B-52 pilot rescue. This web-site brought back instant flashbacks of the old days. I really enjoyed it.

Name: Eric Tannre
From: Gilford NH
Time:02/19/2001 9:07:12pm
Comments: I served on the Gurnard as MM2SS in M div. from 86 to 90 was there for Westpac 88 and grounding, met some great people and had some great times would like to hear from some of my crew mates

Name: EM 2 (SS) Ret. Bill Johnson
From: Dittmer, MO
Time:02/16/2001 5:40:55pm
Comments: Never thought I'd seeso many names that I would know. Who would have thought that Gene Hall would make master chief I think that's great. Was on Gurnard from 73 to 77. Got off just prior to the second yard period. I forgot to say that I also got a Medical out in 78 and then i was abl to retir. Thanks a lot to all the people on the boat for the memories and the good times.

Name: William D. Kempfer MMCM(SS)Retired
Time:02/16/2001 4:00:11pm
Comments: Crew member 1975-77

Name: Wayne A. Law
From: Portland, Oregon
Time:02/09/2001 10:41:41am
Comments: I served with SSN 662 from 02/85 to 04/87. I was a member of E-Division and came to USS Gurnard from the S1W prototype in Idaho, as a staff instructor. I arrived as an EM2 and was discharge as an EM1(SS). My tour on Gurnard was primarily during the non-refuling overhaul at PSNS. I really enjoyed my shipmates during the grueling schedule of an overhaul. I value the memories I have from the relationships I developed while serving on Gurnard.

Name: Bill Baker (EM2/SS)
From: Kennewick, Wa
Time:02/08/2001 0:47:41am
Comments: I started off as a baby Nuke back in the fall of 1996. Silva, Scanlon, Hicks and the rest of the E-Div'ers showed me that Electricians didn't get paid for what they knew or what they did... they just got paid! I survived the WESTPAC '88 and the "unintentional" grounding of '89. I got out of the USN in the Fall of '89. Went to work at the Trojan Nuc. plant and met a couple ex-Gurnard sailors. Stayed there until the plant closure in 1993. I'm currently a Control Room Supervisor at Columbia Generating Station (Energy Northwest) where I've been for about 8 years. Sorry to be long winded, great to see so many of you have survivied!

Name: John Karrick, MM1/SS ELT
From: Vinton, IA
Time:02/07/2001 3:03:03pm
Comments: I signed in once last year. It has brought back memories to read these entries. I'm still trying to find MS2/SS Cornelius Adams. I served aboard from Dec 83-June 87. I need to thank "Corny" for something of eternal importance. Please let me know if any of you know his whereabouts, or if Corny checks in, please send me an e-mail.

Name: Jerry Norr
From: Pasco, Washington
Time:02/06/2001 3:50:52pm
Comments: Served on board from jan 87 to july 90. Brought back many memories looking through the names in the guestbook.

Name: MMCM(SS) Timothy W Hibbs
From: Charleston SC
Time:01/31/2001 5:23:26am
Comments: Just an update from my last entry. It is great seeing some many old shipmates on what was the best Boat in the Fleet. There has been no crew that touched the ability or the great times we had. I was in A-Gang from 81-85. Hope to hear of all the great things that you have all done. I know of at least 5 of us from that Time frame that went on and did a COB tour on very successful Boats. Just and example of the great things that we accomplished as a team.

Name: MMC(SS)Steve Schultze
From: Bangor, WA
Time:01/28/2001 0:20:19am
Comments: I was onboard 89-92. MM3-MM1 M-div. Had a lot of fun due to my shipmates despite all the BS we put up with. Now I'm MMC on USS Parche. Would like to hear from others on board with me!

Name: Matt Ferguson MM2/SS/ELT/etc.(former)
From: Chicagoland
Time: 01/24/2001 2:16:57pm
Comments: Was on board from '89 to '93, though it seemed much longer. Participated in Bump-Ex on my second outing '89. ICE-Ex '90, West Pac '91. Good see the old names....We could fill the sea story page with Espinosa antics couldn't we guys...HA, HA. Can't believe I looked this page up. Drop a line to the address above if you like.

Name: SKC(SS)Jack McClay
From: York Haven, PA
Time: 01/05/2001 9:13:23am
Comments: I was on Gurnard 85-90, SK2 - SKC dreaded yard period left the boat the same day you all left for the Ice Run. Looking for old friends, anyone know where Randy Lightle is? Send me an e-mail, I'l send one back.

Name: Robert Evans STS2/SS
Website: Homepage
From: Monroe, Washington
Time: 01/02/2001 7:45:08pm
Comments: Served from 90 to decom. Had some good times and had some field days. It's great to see some old names from the past. Brings back alot of memories. Don't miss the navy, don't miss the Gurnard, but I do miss my friends that I made. Work at Boeing on the 737 as an electronic technician. I can't seem to get away from those long tubeluar vehicles. At least this one I don't have to live on.=) Drop me a line to say hi if you want. I would love to hear from you guys.

Name: Russell "RussBob" Donaho
From: boise idaho
Time: 01/01/2001 10:55:19am
Comments: Crew member 1979-1981.
A-Ganger(is there anything else to be). Call me. Russ Bob is waiting.

Name: Chad Renando (was STS2)
From: Melbourne, AU
Time: 12/31/2000 6:09:32pm
Comments: OK, on second thought, maybe a bit more info would be good. Served 91 to Decomm. Evans is up in Seattle still. Hacker? Munsterman? Black? Stretches the memory a bit. Drop me a line if on the same crew.

Name: ward morehouse
From: Redmond,Oregon
Time: 11/29/2000 9:55:15pm
Comments: served on the boat from may 76-80.lots of great memories and miss the old times.lower level mafia forever.A-gang rules.some of the best people i ever knew and would gladly serve with again as long as they recommission the gurnard.Captain chiles was the best in the west,never afraid of anything or any other boat.looking forward to hearing from the old crew.

Name: SK2/SS Kevin S. Hepner
From: Hawaii
Time: 2000-11-15 21:52:19
Comments: I was an SK on board the Gurnard along with alot of the others here (from 89 to 92) and just got curious where some of the old guys had gone to andhad to find out.There are a couple of guys that I have seen out here in Hawaii(Frank Bordo, Ben Corliss)I was onboard for the GROUNDING (That never supposedly happened) and the "Guamanian Reduction Gear Tiger Team" Keep in touch

From: Kansas
Time: 2000-11-15 18:14:33
Comments: Served from 84-88. IC striker left as IC2, went for shore duty in good old PI spent four years there, when the bases closed, came to hawaii, spent some time on SSN 621, then went to Kamehameha SSBN/SSN 642, Now at NAVSUBTRACENPAC as an ETC, looking for orders now to a boat. I've run into many Gurnard sailors thru the years and have enjoyed eveyone. Best boat I served on with the best crew. Anyone that remembers me feel free to send me a e-mail.RAY

Name: Jeffrey N. Pennington, MM2
From: Wv
Time: 2000-10-31 23:37:41
Comments: I served on there when we sufaced in the middle of the typhoon off of Gaum. I never saw so many sea sick people in my, we got the B 52 pilot, It is sad one man of that crew was never accounted for.

Name: Bob Hart
From: Vienna VA
Time: 2000-10-14 20:56:54
Comments: I was a JO from 88-91, and I have many good memories of many fine people. I hope everyone is doing well! I'm doing computer consulting work in the DC area now; I left the Navy in '93, spent four years in Saudi Arabia consulting for the Saudi Navy and ended up here in Virginia. It would be great to hear from anyone out there, I'd love to hear how things are going.

Name: Alvin C. Hanson
From: Charleston, SC
Time: 2000-10-11 21:01:22
Comments: Have logged on before but have new E-Mail Address. I was first Yeoman onboard for new construction in Mare Island. CO was Wild Bill Cole and XO was Adm Servance. John Gallis was an HM2(SU), Roy Banning was an MM2(SS) and Larry Willis was a MM2(SS). We all made first class together. Larry Willis has passed on but the rest of us are still kicking. I left Guard during new construction and went to EPDOPAC in San Diego. Rode GURNARD when she arrived in San Diego. It was a great ship. Did you know that while in new construction the pre-com crew won a football championship in Mare Island. It was a great crew.

Name: Michael T. Schildroth
From: Chattanooga
Time: 2000-09-15 15:15:59
Comments: Would love to hear from any plankowners active on the net. Heard there is a reunion in October but no details.

Name: David Newkirk Jr.
From: Corpus Christi, TX
Time: 2000-09-15 10:12:58
Comments: My dad served upon the Gurnard late 60's, early 70's. I live in south Texas temporarily (will be moving in a couple of weeks). Wanted to know if anybody has any pictures of him in the Navy that I could show my son. Peace in Christ Jesus. Dave

Name: Phil Green
From: Sparta Wis. 54656
Time: 2000-09-11 15:13:19
Comments: Was SK2(SS) from May 74-June 76. Did the Westpac and IceX.Plan on attending the reunion in Atlantic City hope some of the 74-76 crew can attend. Just spent about an hour surfing thru the names. What memories!!!! Now I wish I would have kept more in touch with all of you after I got out. After twenty plus years the grey matter is failing. I plan on dropping afew notes in the mail. Remember the water slug that went boom(Lucky)!!! WestPac 74 what a trip. New Mexico Club just across the shit river and those ducklings and the gattor, Andys Hut, Darbys, Frosties pool parties,the North Pole Streaker. What a crew I learned alot from all of you. I wish I could have had one last trip thru her before she was decommisioned. Anybody heard from Denny Drill or A.J.Ryan. Any of the old crew drop me a note or give me a call. 9985 Festival, Sparta Wi. 54656 (608) 269-1464 It would be great to hear from you. RSRD.

Name: EMCM(SS)Troy Kirkland
From: San Diego
Time: 2000-09-08 23:41:47
Comments: Fun times for sure!! It is hard to believe the number of '74 to '76 bunch on this board. Bob de Michele I guess my hero is Boozenbark.I've run into many Gurnard sailors thru the years and have enjoyed eveyone. I even received a hand written note from former JO Gordan E.Eubanks jr. he was at that time CEO of Symantech (Norton Utilities). I saw him on TV several times in the Microsoft hearings. I sent him a note which he answered. Way too many great memories!!! A reunion seems in order. The crew onboard during the time I was assigned to Gurnard was the best group, man for man, I was ever fortunate enough to serve with. Ret EMCM(SS).

Name: Don Keisling
From: North Carolina
Time: 2000-09-04 07:38:45
Comments: Was MMC/SS (Nuke) for a very short time in 1992 until knees let go resulting in a discharge. Still had a good time due to the people onboard. Currently Operations Manager at a 230 MW generating station in North Carolina.

Name: Mark Pidcoe
From: New Mexico
Time: 2000-09-02 01:49:14
Comments: Served from 83-85. Made Ice run, and 2 west-pacs. Best boat I served on with the best crew. Saw a lot of old names. I was a STS-2 then, but ran with A gang. Guys like Satterslug, Fire plug, Fleen bob, and who can forget ole Notso Wise.Thanks for the memories. Lance Bob Congratulations on making 9. Your guys said you were one hell of a good COB.Da Pid

Name: Tom Birse
From: Sausalito, Ca.
Time: 2000-08-30 15:33:55
Comments: My uncle, Alvin Engstrom served on board during WWII. He retired as a Chief in the 60's. All who came after, owe the WWII guy's our liberty and the lifestyle that we enjoy today. Their sacrafice kept America free. Thank you gentlemen.

Name: Ken Semento
From: Valparaiso, Indiana
Time: 2000-08-29 07:12:59
Comments: IC2/SS on the Gurnard from '84-87. Wow this page brings back some good memories.. Adak Alaska on our way up to the pole, WHAT A PARTY. I wonder if they let any more boats stop over there? Currently live in Indiana now and would enjoy to hear from anyone who remembers me!

Name: kevin brosnan
From: bronx, ny
Time: 2000-08-24 16:02:20
Comments: my father served on the gunard in ww2. can't wait to tell him of your website. he'll get a great kick out of it

Name: Steve Doran STS2
Time: 2000-08-16 00:32:23
Comments: who put the 1 next to the 2 on the keyboard. I need a yeoman to type this.

Name: STS1 Steve Doran
From: North of Seattle
Time: 2000-08-16 00:23:24
Comments: Served on Gurnard 86-90. I live in Washington State, again. I stay in touch with Dave Keeley and Jim Banta.

Name: Jesse Graham
From: Fitzgerald, Geogia
Time: 2000-08-15 17:35:05
Comments: I served on board the great boat 'GURNARD' from January 1987-March 1988. I was a YNSA then. Currenly a YNC(SS)stationed at Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit, Charleston. Feel free to e-mail me.

Name: Mike Koch
From: Port St. Lucie Fl
Time: 2000-08-13 01:09:09
Comments: Served on board 82-86 as MM/ELT. It was great to see some of the old crew. Brought back some memories (Westpac, ice-run, San Diego and even Bremerton.) Looking forward to hearing from some of you.

Name: Bill Wittenauer
Time: 2000-08-09 08:28:59
Comments: 1973-1976 FTG

Name: Allen Tuider EMC(ss)RET
From: Joliet, IL
Time: 2000-07-22 10:10:34
Comments: Very classy site. Great to see the old familiar names! Onboard from 90-92, where I then retired. Currently am a "plank owner" at a new peaking power plant outside of Chicago. Recently attended a submarine seminar in D.C. hosted by the Smithsonian. Admirals Watkins and McKee were there as well as Rickover's widow. Saw the "Cold WAR and Submarines" exhibit at the Smithsonian. A complete Maneauvering room was displayed! How times change. Miss the good times. Oh well . .

Name: SKCS(SS) Lee Alonso
From: NOTU Cape Canaveral FL
Time: 2000-07-18 13:59:32
Comments: Leading SK/Suppy Officer from July 93 - Decom

Name: Norman Gage III
From: Nashua, NH
Time: 2000-07-15 12:12:16
Comments: Enjoyed reviewing the web page. Grandfather served on this vessel in 1944. He now lives in Florida. Thanks.

Name: Mark Pearson
From: Loveland, Colorado
Time: 2000-07-11 17:12:18
Comments: Hello all, I served on the USSGurnard from somewhere in 74 to 78. Worked in the radio shack with fine people like Joe Freeland, Art Cunningham, David Coffee and Mac. David Miracle was one of my radio officers as well as Cliff Wiese being OPS boss. Came on board just in time to do a Westpac, an ICEX and spent time in the shipyard for rebuild. I remember Denny Drill, and Rupert from the torpedo gang. There was Crash, who got his name in that bar just down the street from the shipyard. I was very surprised when I started searching and found a home page for the boat that provided me with lots of memories. Its also good to logon and find that several people stayed and continued to advance. How many people remember the many weeks we spent getting the DSRV in and out to sea for tests?? Did anybody else get one of those fine hair cuts from Chief Crabtree on the Westpac?? Hey Art, I'm still around.

Name: RMC(SS)Michael C.Green
From: Currently in Indianapolis
Time: 2000-07-10 09:52:07
Comments: Was RMC(ss) on Gurnard from December 1977 through 1979 and then continued my connection as Subgru Five staff member.

Name: Stan Ratcliff
From: Lacey, WA
Time: 2000-06-22 06:35:20
Comments: Just interested in who is around

Name: Frank DiSabatino
From: Boston area
Time: 2000-06-14 05:46:14
Comments: Served as QM2c on SS254 from April, 1944 to end of WWII. Injured just before war ended and lost contact with crew. Have been able to find only a couple of old shipmates on internet through their sons, etc. Would love to hear from any others

Name: Doug Gengler
From: Edmond Ok
Time: 2000-06-12 03:55:03
Comments: Just checking in to see who I can find. Found several friends from my tour (74-77). If you remember the Gargoyle send me a note.

Name: Mark Tuttle
From: Los Angeles originally now like in Pittsburgh
Time: 2000-06-09 00:46:34
Comments: Served on the USS Gurnard as a Fire Control Technician from 6/81 to 12/85.

Name: Doug Coxon
From: Litchfield Park, Arizona
Time: 2000-06-08 07:49:30
Comments: Served on the Gurnard from 1977 through 1980 in RC Div. So many names and memories.

Name: Charles Merendo
From: 6811 West Bloomfield Rd. Peoria Az 85381
Time: 2000-06-05 06:58:05
Comments: Served on the Gurnard from 1978 thru 1981

Time: 2000-06-03 05:47:18
Comments: Served on Gurnard from 03/1942 to 06/1944 and made five patrol runs on her, first to Scotland with I believe it was squadron "50" with a run in the Bay of Biscay then back to the States to replace the 4 HOR main engines with Fairbanks. Went to the Pacific via the Panama Canal then to Pearl Harbor for first run then one more out of Pearl then on to Fremantle, Australia for two more before I went back to the States for new construction in the USS Besugo (SS 321) from which I made five more runs until the end of the war and home for discharge. Gurnard received the Navy Unit Citation for her actions in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th war patrols for sinking and damaging many tons of enemy naval and merchant ships including damage to an air craft carrier, battleship and heavy cruiser not on the same runs but it was a distinguished record. I will review this page occassionally and maybe I'll be fortunate enough to be able to contact some old shipmates from better than 55 years ago. I will also try to look over my collectables and if I find any pertaining to the Gurnard I'll send them to this organization, better to you than have them get lost when I expire. Thanks for the memory.

Name: Doug Barry
From: Salem, NH
Time: 2000-05-29 01:06:49
Comments: Great site! I was the "Porkchop" from 1979 to 1982. Lots of great memories.

Name: Eric Smith
From: Sandersville Ga
Time: 2000-05-20 09:22:45
Comments: I was on the Gunard from 91 to 92 But I remember a couple of you guys from the Haddo 604.Klaas...McMicheal...

Name: Bob Schaffer
From: Easton, Pa.
Time: 2000-05-12 01:49:37
Comments: My brother, Oliver C. Schaffer TM2/SS (on Eternal Patrol, 04 July, 1998) served aboard the Gurnard a few months in 1942, then served aboard the Hake (SS 256) until the wars end.I would like to contact Frank Foulke, via e-mail or home address, appreciate any help given.Sincerely, Bob

Name: IC1(SS)Dick Getchell
From: Texas via Oregon
Time: 2000-05-03 05:28:21
Comments: Served on board USS Gurnard July 70-Sept 72. USN 68-76. 26 months onboard and most of those away from San Diego. However, I only remember the great times and the great crew. Lots of photos and the red carpet that C.R."Clyd Cleanup" Bell had for the tours. Hey, Dog what ever really happened to the Captain's robe. TDU forever....... Ah, the smell of after shave in the control room on the mid watch....We always new when the CO was in the control room.... Anyone hear from "Big Mac" or the "Coach" or how about the "Big Kid" or the "Lizard".... Funny how we few but proud all had strange ways of gutting out the long day's and no nights....I still have many pictures of the crew during my stay on the 662. Drop me a line and maybe I can scan a few into the old web. Great to see this site and all the names.Dick Getchell, Fort Worth, Texas. God Bless

Name: Jeff Bunker
From: Brentwood, CA
Time: 2000-05-01 07:16:23
Comments: My dad, Bill Bunker, served on the Gurnard during WWII and told me many stories. He took several pictures. I will try to scan them and send 'em to the appropriate person.

Name: norm gage
From: charleston sc
Time: 2000-04-26 22:41:11
Comments: my father was Co of the Gurnard SS254 in 1944-45. I have a poem he wrote in his night orderss on 12/24/44. I thought it might be of interest to some of his old shipmates. I need a mailing address as the one at the top of the website must be incorrect, as I mailed a copy and it was returned. thank you, Norman D. Gage,Jr.

Name: jeff pinnow
From: orland, california
Time: 2000-04-26 02:37:27
Comments: came aboard as a MM3 in 1970. Left shortly after the Bremerton overhaul as MM1(SS) A gang. Served on Mystic and Turtle (as COB). Got out in 1981. Have a dairy equipment and commercial refrigeration business in Northern Ca.

Name: Randy Broughton
From: Harrison, Ar.
Time: 2000-04-23 21:10:27
Comments: Former MM3(SS) 1982-1985 A-Gang

Name: John W. Pedersen
From: minnesota, minneapolis
Time: 2000-04-18 13:17:25
Comments: Good day, I served aboard Gunard '79-'81 as a cook/ recordkeeper under ltjg barry( what a wacky guy). i've been reading some of the logs and the names and memories come back to me with a surge of Petterson...sean Keck Mr. Randall and all of them, anyone remember me? ( check your old "dink" lists) do you think Renfro still has his purple pen? Right now Im a food service director for a school system in minesota and doing well. If anyone remembers me...please write thanks John W. Pedersen

Name: Ken Beadell
From: Welch, Minnesota
Time: 2000-04-18 03:51:37
Comments: I was happy to see a home page for the old "Gurnard-maru", the world's only nuclear powered submersible battleship. I served as DCA/MPA from May '71 until December "73. Glad to see many familiar names in the log.

Name: Vincent Danzeris
From: Brooklyn, New York
Time: 2000-04-14 22:50:13
Comments: Dear Shipmates, I have waited over fifty six years and finnally I read the wonderful articles on the USS GURNARD. Beleive me, it brought tears to my eyes. I was a member of the crew on its sixed,to the end of the war. I remember Capt. Andrews also Capt.N.C.Gage. Please E-Mail me if possible a list of the ships Crew 1943-1945 Thank you again,Vincent Danzeris (EMC) SS RETIRED. RETIRED IN 1963, LAST BOAT WAS THE RONQUIL SS 396

Name: Terry Lindsey
From: Kremmling, Colorado
Time: 2000-04-12 02:18:06
Comments: Mess cook, IC3/ss, SSN Guitarro (SSN 665) 8/76 thru 6/78.IC#/ss IC3/ss, USS Gurnard (SSN 662) Summer WestPak.

Name: Bob de Michele
From: Redmond, WA
Time: 2000-04-07 02:46:29
Comments: Served on board from '72-'77, under Bobby Bell, Ralph West, and Hank Chiles. Went from FTG1 to FTCS during the best five years of my 30-year career. Retired in '92 after serving as COB of USS BREMERTON, CMC of SUBRON 11 and CMC of CVW-14 (a carrier air wing--don't ask!). Went back to school using the GI Bill and received a BA from Univsity of Washington and a MA from Western Wash. Univ. Will teach history at community college. By the way, Gene Berrios is my hero!

Name: Joseph P. Wilson (STS1)
From: Ava, Mo
Time: 2000-04-06 14:27:08
Comments: Joe Hacker told me of this spot. I started out TAD onboard from Jan 83 to Nov 83 and the as a real crew member Jan 84 to Mar 88. I remember the Westpac 83, Ice-ex 85, Overhaul 86 and 87. Lots of familiar names and faces.

Name: Daniels (Danny) Allen IC1SS
From: Palmer, Alaska
Time: 2000-03-29 03:18:42
Comments: Hello shipmates. Just found you and wanted to yell hello. I was a crew member 70-71. Anyone remimbering me email me Iwould love to hear from you. Danny

Name: Robert Acheson ETCS(SS)
From: Philadelphia
Time: 2000-03-31 13:47:20
Comments: Spent 1982 - 1988 onboard Gurnard. Earned dolphins onboard during Westpac 1983. Great to hear from old friends and shipmantes. Still serving with 2 years until retirement. Hope to see many of you at the next Gurnard Reunion.

Name: mike volandt
From: west milford,nj
Time: 2000-03-30 22:54:58
Comments: Hi shipmates,I served onboard Gurnard aug 79-aug 82,ic2/ss.Senior Chief Litton was my division head.Served with Sean,we were in San Fran. together.Has anyone heard from Troy Small or Hal Walker?Give me a line.

Name: John W. Karrick
From: Vinton, IA
Time: 2000-03-24 16:20:53
Comments: I served on board the Gurnard from Dec. 1983 through June 1987. I would be interested in any future reunions and a list of shipmates. I have been looking for MS2(SS) Cornelius Adams to thank him for something he did for me. If you have any information on how to get a hold of "Corney" (as we called him), I would be grateful. Thanks.

Name: Tom Lewis
From: Stansbury Park, Utah
Time: 2000-03-23 21:41:49
Comments: JO aboard the Gurnard from 1984 - 1986. Served as COM/EMO and DCA during overhaul (and lived to tell about it). Chief's Rhodey, Krame & the crew were the greatest. Now working chem/bio as a DOD civilian at Dugway Proving Ground (and no, I don't know anything about the 6,000 dead sheep). Let the good times role!

Time: 2000-03-19 00:45:15

Name: Michael Sloan
From: Houston, Texas
Time: 2000-03-16 20:11:56
Comments: Served on board Gurnard SSN-662 with seaman's gang, and lower level mafia '77-'78, probably one of the only crew members who spent most of his duty under the boat on fire watch, Bremerton dry-dock. A unique view of life, I went on to serve on the DDG-8, Lynde McCormick (Guided Missile Destroyer) SKSN, and two WEST-PAC, Was decorated with the Humanitarian Service Medal for helping to rescue 200 stranded Vietnamese refugees off the coast of Cambodia in 1978, three of which died onboard and one baby birth at sea. During shoreleave in Thailand to offload refugees, we were evacuated because of mortar fire a mile away at the refugee camp from NVA. Thailand's Airforce responded as we provided tactical support for the next week, dead in the water off shore of Cambodia (Red sky at Night). But I'll never forget 'Ugly' Smith, and the other lower-level-mafia members who broke me in to life on the Gurnard. What a great crew, good luck to all, and to all who tried to get me to qualify sooner. I will never forget the closeness of the crew, and dedication to the boat the crew demonstrated. It has been an example I benefited from my whole college career. I'm Now working as a Chemical Plant Technician for a large oil company, an Associate Degree in Chemical Process Technology, and a Bachelor Degree in Business. Life is good, how's your bubble?

Name: Dane Wright
From: San Diego, CA
Time: 2000-03-12 04:46:48
Comments: I served on the Gurnard from 89-92 as MM3-2 Nuc. Was onboard for the grounding, ICE EX, and half of a WESTPAC, before I left her for the McKee. I departed the navy in 95 to work here in San Diego as a civilian employee for Navy Public Works. It was great to see some of the old names from shipmates, brought back many memories.

Time: 2000-03-01 20:59:47
Comments: FTG3/SS SERVED FROM '90-'92

Name: Thomas Rittenhouse
From: North Huntingdon Pennsylvania
Time: 2000-03-01 02:40:03
Comments: I am writing for my father, Thomas, he is turning 80 on Thursday, March 2. His life was the reunions, unfortunately, his wife, Irma was in an accident in 1998 with a year of rehabilitation and she passed away in October 1999. I am living with my father now so if anyone wants to send a message I will make sure he gets the message.

Name: Sean Keck
Time: 2000-02-28 18:58:45
Comments: Steve Peterson... Glad to see your post and hear from you. Equally glad to know you still have the guitar. My same old one is still in tune although I don't play as often as I'd like. How's your arm? Any lasting effects from that nasty break? (for the uninformed, Lt Peterson decided to protect the machined surface of the ER escape trunk upper hatch by valiantly placing his arm between it and the hatch. Springs were broken so he's lucky to have an arm left...) Last time I talked to Doc Dalzell he still had vivid memories of the incident. I'm now at China Lake, working in the Aircraft Survivability section. I install and deinstall the electronics for monitoring the tests on the aircraft during weapons survivability tests. Pretty routine but the payoff is that I also get to push the button that fires the threat into the AC. I am proud to be the first (and only) Submariner to have shot and burnt an F/A-18 EF to the ground. I wore my Gurnard hat for the pictures next to the charred remains and was quoted stating "I was just doing my job for the Silent Service". Going to shoot a V-22 later this week... I still talk monthly to Brad Burbridge and he's in constant contact with Dan Tallman and LCDR. (Believe it or not) Craig Merrill PhD, EDO. The COB you referred to is a Guard Captain at San Quentin or the likes. I have his email if you want it. I tried contacting Ted Hack twice but never got a response, maybe he was still pissed about the EB Green covering his door or something ;)
Name: Mark Butcher
From: Illinois
Time: 2000-02-27 05:50:24
Comments: I served on the USS Gurnard From 86-88, EM2(SS)Butcher. Its nice to see that this Sub has its own home page ...hopefully I'll get in contact with some old shipmates and shoot the breeze.

Name: YNC(SS) John Dillon
From: Kittery, ME (current)
Time: 2000-02-27 02:12:04
Comments: Leading Yeoman on GURNARD through Decomm. Chief Perry, last I heard about BORDO he was on LA JOLLA, but left in 97 or 98. Would like any information on how to get in touch with YN2 Herb Campbell. I know he got out shortly after he transferred to USS MAINE.

Name: Bob Kundracik EM1(SS)
From: Naselle, Wa.
Time: 2000-02-25 04:16:44
Comments: A welcome sight to see from an old boat sailor.

Name: Dan Gallagher
From: San Jose, Ca
Time: 2000-02-21 12:37:52
Comments: Rich Montgomery told about the site. I served on the Gurnard from late 1987 until Nov of 91. I made ETC then got out with 17 years. I now work for Applied Materials in Santa Clara CA. It was good to find this page.Great work keep it up. Spaz, how's the nose?Hope to hear from you guys.

Name: Jim DeBow
From: Hagerstown, MD
Time: 2000-02-13 02:11:04
Comments: I twice deployed on the USS Gurnard in the early 1980's. I was one of the CT spooks. We were riders who ate the chow and took up space.But it was the best damn fast attack of the five that I rode. USS Gurnard forever!

Name: Richard M. Wolz ETCS(SS) RET.
From: Poway, CA
Time: 2000-02-12 19:47:24
Comments: Gurnard Plankowner. On Board from August 1967 to August 1970. Paid a visit to the boat in December 1993 a few days shy of the 25th anniversary of its commissioning. Had a chance to speak with the current CO. They were preparing for a big inspection and some of the younger crewmembers were impressed by a plankowner coming to visit.

Name: Bret Pasiuk
Time: 2000-02-11 01:57:09
Comments: I was a midshipman aboard the Gurnard during the 1988 WESTPAC cruise.

Name: Chuck Martin
From: Kentucky
Time: 2000-02-07 04:39:53
Comments: July 85 to Oct 89, Bull Nuc depending on the day of the week and/or who you asked. On thing for sure, I enjoyed myself. Retired Sept.92 EMCM(SS)NRD Louisville,KY.

Name: SK Shattuck
From: Ohio
Time: 2000-02-03 03:15:19
Comments: Anyone out there,who was aboard back in 1981 and 1982.Drop me a line lets shoot some bull. Sure miss the bunch of you! Write soon.
tr> Name: John J Flynn
From: Presently live in Woodinville Washington
Time: 2000-02-02 04:09:07
Comments: I was a Junior Officer on the Gurnard(SSN-662) from May 1978 until December of 1981. By any measure, it was quite an adventure. Moreover, I enjoyed reading many of the comments on this WEB site. Hard to imagine that the Gurnard(SSN-662) is no more, except in our memories. Best Wishes to all who served on the Gurnard!
Name: David Taylor
From: Barstow, Ca
Time: 2000-01-17 16:15:15
Comments: Served aboard the "662" 1970-71. Many memories including Drydock in pearl and ops up and down the Ca Coast. Best wishs to all. Anyone see George upham?

Name: W. Scott Frazeur
From: California
Time: 2000-01-15 03:20:22
Comments: The GURNARD departed Vallejo in September 1969. I shot the original aerial photography of you leaving the San Francisco bay, under the Golden Gate and into the Pacific. The quality of the imagery you have does not compare to the original imagery I shot. What happened? PHC (AC) USNR-R Retired

Name: Tom Ryder
From: Bloomsburg, PA
Time: 2000-01-11 23:01:34
Comments: MM-2 On Gurnard from 1971 - 1974

Name: Gary Turner
From: San Antonio Texas
Time: 2000-01-10 01:10:39
Comments: hello to all ex crew members 1984-1987. Ex A-Ganger under MMC Krame.

Time: 2000-01-04 06:56:37

Name: David Thurston
From: Amarillo, Tx.
Time: 2000-01-04 04:57:26
Comments: Served on Gurnard from June 1970 until Feb. 1976

Name: Richard Miley MMCS(SS)RET.
From: Vacaville, California
Time: 1999-12-29 18:29:29
Comments: Hi Shipmates. I retired 12/87, worked as marine machinist at Mare Island adout 6 years, seen Proto around there, worked at McClellan AFB about 3 years as a ground power suport systems mechanic, now at David Grant Hospital as the maintenance supervisor of the hyperbaric chamber system ( just an inside out submarine that doesn't get underway. Looking forward to hearing from those I served with. I was on the Gurnard 73 t0 74, got out of the nav for about three months then saw the light and came back in..

Name: Steve Peterson
From: Brownsville, Oregon
Time: 1999-12-21 19:09:47
Comments: Hi, guys, I just went through the crew log, and felt like I owed you all more than a wise crack. I served on board the Gurnard from 1978 to 1983 as a junior officer under CO Hank Chiles, and then Ed Morgan. I am still in touch with JO's Gary Buxton and Win Duff as well as former "Chief Engineer of the Hottest Runnin' Fast attack in the U.S. Pacific Fleet" - Jim Randall. They were all in or at my wedding. Now I am Senior Project Engineer for a high tech membrane separations outfit. Check out Great times aboard the old Gurnard. Anyone heard from Mike Rutkowski? Istill have the guitar that Sean Keck helped me pick out. It was and is a super instrument. Gret advise, Sean! Remember how certain ERUL watches would try to make junior officers jump by goosing them as they stepped through the Engineroom hatch? Remember the COB (name withheld to protect (cough, cough) the innocent) starting the "Submrines once, Submarines twice cheer in front of a kind of high brow crowd greeting the chiefs and officers in Freemont, Austrailia? That didn't fly far! How about the great release into San Diego harbor - I don't know about the crew, but the JO's and Chiefs felt like they were in purgatory for awhile - A true time of bonding, eh, Ted Hack?

Name: Steve Peterson
From: Brownsville, oregon
Time: 1999-12-21 18:32:43
Comments: Hi, guys. Anyone shaved with the ol' Gurnard lately?

Name: David Buell
Comments: Hello! My father, Benton E. Buell, served aboard GURNARD SS 254 during her entire World War II career. He put her in commission in 1942, and out of commission in 1945, and was aboard during each of her war patrols in Atlantic and Pacific oceans. After retiring from the United States Navy after a 30 year career, he made his last dive aboard GURNARD SSN 662 as a guest of the crew shortly before he passed away in 1992. My sister Benetta and I attended the inactivation ceremony of GURNARD SSN 662 in San Diego, which in a sense completed the circle of our family and of the name and history of ships named GURNARD. Unfortunately, the naming of submarines in the U.S. Navy is now determined by political motives rather than tradition and honoring our history, so it is unlikely that we shall see another submarine named GURNARD.

Name: MMCM(SS/AW) Robert Baxter
From: San Diego
Comments: Nice to see some of the old names of shipmates. I was the Bull Nuke on Gurnard from 88-92. ETCM(SS) Wise relieved me in February I think. Had a great time on there. Best crew I can remember and good to see many have found this site. If you want to reminisce just email me...would love to still active duty and CMC of Fleet Training Center San Diego.

Name: Larry Orcutt
Comments: JO on board from 87-90. Westpac 88 and Ice Run 90. Out of the Navy in 93 and now living in Colorado Springs.

Name: Dick
From: Fort Bragg California
Comments: BOHICA! I was on the Gurnard 71-75, on the good end of the boat. I remember some good people, good times and some other things. Hey where are you guys? Gene the bear, Frosty, Woody, Rock, Huges, Larry "Lurch", Terry North, Ned "Evil" Selvog Those were some good ballgames in Bremerton

Name: George R. Cook
From: Houston, TX
Comments: The Gurnard was my first Sea Command, I was onboard her from April 1983 to December 1987. I now think back on her as the best command that I served on while I was in the Navy.

Name: Everett Reilly
From: Litchfield, Minnesota
Comments: Commissioning crew Gurnard SSN 662, RC Div; also served on Batfish, Henry Clay, Lewis & Clark, Cubera, CVN 69, Yellowstone, Spear, Shenandoah and NNSY Portsmouth. received commission through LDO prog. 1977. Retired in Oct. 1992. Site brought back many good memories. looking forward to year 2000 reunion.

Name: CDR Bob Perry
From: Silverdale, WA
Comments: I was a JO on Gurnard from 83-86. Great crew during that time! Have been CO of Hawkbill (the last 637 in the PACFLT) for last 2+ years. Great to be on a 637 again!!

Name: Jess Norris, QMC (SS) Ret.
Comments: I Served on Gurnard from 86 - 88 as Asst. Navigator. I did the 88 Westpac. Gurnard was my last boat. I retired one month after she got back. Gurnard was the best command I ever served with. Many fond memories. Finding this site was a wonderful surprise. Thanks very much.

Name: Ed Hall
From: Arizona, now in WA state
Comments: Hello to all concerned. 'Lizard' Laureano told me about this page. Does anyone know the where abouts of Chris Osdick or Eric Heath? Drop me a line at my E-mail address.Ed

Name: Charles E. Norona
From: Menlo Park, CA
Comments: USS Skipjack (1981-1986), USS Gurnard (1986-1988), NRD San Francisco (1988-1991), USS Pasadena (1991-1993), USS Dixon (1993-1995), USS Simon Lake (1995-1999); MM1 at every command.

Name: Mark G. Zaricki
Comments: I was attach TAD in 1982 as a STS(2) SS.

Name: Dan Austin Tallman
Comments: 662 - 9/79-8/82 While working for the DOD last week, ran into a MINSY fella (32 years) His first construction project was the Gurnard. Found it interesting that I carry an insribed piece of hull cut from her at PSNSY during deconstruction.

Name: George Sasarak
From: Norwich CT
Comments: I was a plankowner aboard the SS-254 and served on the first six war patrols. If anybody has reunion information please email.

Name: Carson Wright
Comments: This site brought back some great memories from 1969-70.

Name: David Mullins RM2/SS
From: San Antonio TEXAS
Comments: WOW! I did not know the gurnard had a HOME page. Go figure. I served aboard form 1989-1993. The wonder years. It's a wonder we ever made it to sea. 45 days in Guam on my last west-pac. port and stbd forever. And field days from hell. But I loved loved it anyway. For any of my old shipmates they would know me by "SHLONGER", I have two stories that were written while I was onboard. One was by someone in firecontrol and the other from M-Div. "Twas the night before Christmas and all through the boat not a bilge was stirring not even a mote....."

Name: Alvin C. Hanson
Comments: I was the first Yeoman to report to USS GURNARD (SSN 662) during new construction in Mare Island. The Leading Yeoman was YNC(SS) Ken Genn.

Name: Mark A. McCullough (FTG1/SS)
From: Kalispell, MT
Comments: Many memories both good and bad, lots of friends not forgotten. If ever in Northwest Montana visiting Glacier National Park or Sking at Big Mountain, look me up.

Name: Michael L. Mansfield
From: Anchorage, AK
Comments: I was assigned to USS Queenfish, SSN651 who was in Bremerton Shipyard in 1982. Roger Goss & I flew to Yokosuka, Japan and caught the Gurnard there for deployment on Spec Op. I fixed a broken AN/BSQ-3 prior to deployment, & qualified as sonar operator during that run. I remember little vans with Japanese all in white scooping up water from the pier each night while I stood midwatch topside before we left. The Japanese also hosted a softball/saki drinking match (I believe they won both). I had two weeks in Japan prior to Gurnard's arrival. Did a lot of tourist stuff in that time. It was great. I still have a wall plaque the captain gave me. That run made me a better sonarman for Queenfish. Nice to see a page on a good boat.

Name: Jesse A. Graham
From: Fitzgerald, Georgia
Comments: I served onboard USS GURNARD (SSN 662) from 1986-1988. I was a junior yeoman. GURNARD was my first boat and what an experience. I'm currently stationed at NPTU Charleston. Hoping to hear from old shipmates.

Name: Stephen J. Dudley MMC(SS) retired
From: Bath, Maine
Comments: I was A-gang Chief from 7/92 - 2/95 on Gurnard and retired at PSNS during deactivation of SSN-662. Very interesting site. Any old shipmates want to drop a line feel free. If you could send info on newsletter that would be cool. Thanks.

Name: Dennis DuClos
From: Colorado
Comments: Served on Gurnard from 82-86

Name: Carl G. Royal
From: Originally from Tacoma, WA. Now currently living in Torrance, CA.
Comments: I served on board the USS Gurnard SSN-662 from May 1985 to Dec. 1988. I was a nuclear machinist mate MM2(SS)working in Machinery Division during my tour.


Name: Dan Killough
From: Monterey Ca.
Comments: I'm an ex Gurnard Sailor. 82-86 Now retired. Like to hear from anyone out there who might remember me. I need to finbd Mike Dalzell's e-mail if anyone has it. I retired in June of 98. Mike is still in Silverdale Wa. I think. I was also on USS James Monroe, USS R.B.Russell, and USS Alaska (last).

Name: Bill Henley
From: tucson, az.
Comments: DILLYGAFF @ BOHICA How are all you bubbleheads anyway? I was on the gurnard from '73 to '77 in E gang with a 12 month limdu in Wash dc.Frosty gave me the nickname Egg (What does a Henley Hen lay)so R.R.Rodriguez called me huevo. I remember the good times mostly. The rest is a blur after this many years. Take care, Bill

Name: Ben Gray
Website: brgeng
From: Seattle
Comments: Served aboard the Gurnard from 1984-1988. Saw lots of old friends in the crew list, brought back some great memories (and just a few not-so-great). Would like to hear from old friends.

Name: D.W. Brown
Comments: MM1 SS - I left the Gurnard in 1979 but never forgot her.

Name: Jim Tracey
Comments: Plankowner, ET 3, 1967-69, did the bottom bounce, left the Navy, graduated from Cornell Univ., corporate career in Human Resources, VP HR for Ross Stores (Ross Dress for Less) and Consolidated Freightways (currently CNF Corp). Currently on 3 year sabbatical, cruising from San Diego, through the Panama Canal to the east coast on our 43 ft sloop, Windance. Will punch back in to real world in July, 2000. Would love to hear from shipmates.

Name: Terry North
Comments: Terry North RC-DIV Jan71 to May75 One San Diego to San Diego run Two WESTPAC`s B-52 rescue Overhaul Another WESTPAC I am proud of the time I served aboard Gurnard,with a great crew.Thanks for all the memories.

Name: Captain John Gallis MSC, USN
Comments: Shipmates, I served onboard as an HM1 and part of the original commissioning crew at Mare Island. Looking back at all of my time in the Navy, my time on the Gurnard and my shipmates there were the best. I just wanted to let all of my shipmates know that I will be retiring on 7 December 1999 after 37 years of active duty. Carole and I will be sharing our time between Pennsylvania and Maryland. We can be reached at: 727 Suellen Drive King of Prussia, PA. 19406 (610) 265-0838 or 3 Dewey Drive Annapolis, MD. 21401 (410) 267-5938 John and Carole Gallis

Name: Schildroth, Michael T.
From: Chattanooga, Tn.
Comments: I was one of the first to come aboard back in Aug 1967. Never really toured with her as I went to "B" School in Sept. 1969 . I rode the ship to San Diego when we finally joined the Fleet. Have many fond memories of those first two years. Would love to correspond with any of my old shipmates.

Name: Ed Steudel
From: Atlanta, GA
Comments: I served on the Gurnard when she was commissioned. This is the first I knew there was a homepage. Please keep me informed of upcoming events. Good work!Thanks

Name: Cliff Wiese
Comments: I am getting out of the Defense support business after five years. I have accepted a position with Salomon Smith Barney in their Washington DC office as Financial Consultant.

Name: Howard Mease
From: Louisville, KY
Comments: I served aboard USS Gurnard during a 3-week TAD mission in the fall of 1971 as a "spook" (Communications Technician 2nd Class - I branch). It was an experience I will never forget. I spent most of my 4-year Navy tour land-locked at a Navy communications station on Taiwan. My only other at sea experience was a 6-week TAD tour on USS Sailfish. Those two subamrine tours were the highlights of my naval service.

Name: Bill Phillips
From: Mount Vernon, Missouri
Comments: My e-mail is I've been reviewing the names, and some of them sound awful familiar. If "Carp" Carpenter ever reads this, remember your comments to the border guards in Canada and the cases and cases of beer we had to pour out on the road? It woulin the yard in Bremerton with Chief Berry and MS1 Crooks, really makes me realize how old I am. Still going, though! 24 years and kicking. Scary

ed Guestbook">Bob Myrda
From: Ft.Wayne, IN
Comments: I was stationed on the Gurnard from 12/81 to 12/85. I was on her when she when into drydock in Washington but left before she came out.
Name: Mike Volandt
Comments: i served onboard the gurnard aug 79-aug 82. ic2/ss.senior chief litton was my div chief.we got all the junior officers as div off. would like to know if anybody has heard from some of my old buddies onboard.guy's like et2/sswalker,radioman troy small or the cook garcia?

Name: Jeff Joseph
Comments: Served onboard from 89 - 93. Looking for old shipmates. Anyone seen or heard from RM1(SS) Lynn Buck, or RM2(SS/DV) Marlon Hoffman or RM2(SS) Dave Mullins

Name: EMCM(SW/SS) Dave Hawkins
Comments: I was ICC(SS) on Gurnard 76 to 78 (relieved Sergio Frost) during the refueling overhaul with Hank Chiles as CO. GQ John, Tony Allen in E-div. Served up to the start of the WestPac and then left for prototype duty in Idaho. Now serving as the Command Master Chief of the Mckee AS41. Will retire this year.

Name: James Henson ET1(SS/DV/SS1)
Comments: Howdy folks, I was on the Gurnardfish :) from 90 to 92. Hope everyone is loving life and doing well. If any of you are still in the San Diego area, e-mail me! Jay ET1(SS/DV/SS1)

Name: Ted Hack
From: Centreville Va
Comments: I was XO 79-82 under ADM Hank Chiles and Capt Ed Morgan. I later relieved Ed Morgan as CO USS ORION (AS-18)


Name: Tom Weiss
From: St. Ignace, Michigan
Comments: ETN2(SS) and served on the Gurnard September 1970 to May 1971. Qualified on the Gurnard. AN/WLR-6 technician. Great memories...

Name: Sean Keck
From: Ridgecrest, Ca.
Comments: God what a bunch of memories... From Zeke who reamed me on my A-Gang systems (at Rutkowski's request) to Mark SattaHO , Reynolds, Gillard, XO Hack and all the others. Good to see so many old Gurfish sailors around. I've got email addresses for "Bubbles" Burbridge and (now) LCDR (then EM2) Merrill if anyone wants them. Served on her 79-82. And XO, It was me who taped your door.

Name: Rodney Cencich
From: Montrose,Colorado
Comments: I rode the Gurnard as a TM3 from 1-70 to 4-71. I picked up the boat on the first Wes-Pac. in Subic Bay. I stood sonar watches with Stoody, Trent, Pete Reynolds, and Chief Butters?? Needless to say when contacts picked up I ran a lot of coffee. Got out 4-71 and drove cross country with Big Al from Cleveland. Worked in the torpedo room with Chief Neilson, Horwrath, Munoz, and Woodworth. Good times with the passing of the years.

Name: Paul Shaffer
From: Aston, PA
Comments: ENG from 1987-1989, detached the day before the bumpex. Could not have put to sea with a better crew

Name: Ed Davis
From: San Diego, CA
Comments: "Unconscious Ed" MM1 nuke on the Gurnard from 73-78. So many familiar names from the past on these pages that it is mind-boggling

Name: Brian Bell
From: Colorado
Comments: Great to see some people I recognize. I was on Gurnard from 81-84... I even recognized some of you that had gone before from your reps... Gurnard was a great boat... and had the best group of guys working for her... looking forward to hearing from old shipmates.

Name: Hal Rogers
Comments: If anyone can remember that far back, I was the junior YEO working with Earl Bookman, back when Bobby Bell was skipper (70-72)!

Name: Karl Klaas
Comments: I served on Gurnard from late 90-92 as QM. Would love to hear from some of the crew at the time. Chief Jenne, you out there?

Name: Mitch Sandoval MM2/SS (Former)
Comments: GURNARD was my first and only boat I had the pleasure of serving on (1981-1985). It was really good to see old shipmates here. I have the best of bad memories from my days, nights, weeks spent in land of the "Lower Level Mafia" I would look forward to hearing from any other crewmembers. I can be reached via E-mail, or if you are ever in the City of Oceanside, just call 911. We do have the best Paramedic service around, and being a former GURNARD A-Ganger, you just know I'll fix you right

Name: Lloyd Briner
Comments: On board 1976 to 1979.

Name: Jerry W Reynolds
Comments: I served the Gurnard from 12/72 to 12/76. I was MM1(SS) Nuc, Leading First when I departed in 76. I remember a few of the names, but was able to identify many more afer reading though the visitor log. One of the most unforgetable events was the flooding event, lucky for us we were still on the surface. Does anyone know what happen to David Waddell? Was MM1(SS) left the Navy in 76, I heard he came back in 77, tried to get back on the Gurnard but got some other boat.

Name: Frank DiSabatino
Comments: Served on SS254, 1944 to end of war -- quartermaster.

Name: Fred Bowen
Comments: I came aboard in summer of '67 at mare island. For a while I was the baby in RC Div. Played on the chamionship football team, went to sea on the first sea trial, quailfied aboard on the way to Hawaii on our first shakedown in 69. Loopie and I were topside on the #4 line as we entered pearl in time to see them filming Tora Tora Tora in early december 69. Lots of memories, lots of talent, lots of crazy times. Subic for Xmas! I still occasionally have a taste for San Miguel real cold.

Name: Jim Bage
Comments: Reactor Operator during the 1984 overhaul.

Name: RMCM(SS)Gerald (Jerry) Cartwright
Comments: I served as COB on the old girl from March, 1978 until my retirement in February, 1980.

Name: David Barnett
Comments: I served on the Gurnard from Nov85 to Aug90.

Name: Steve Doran
Comments: I served on Gurnard from 1984-90.

Name: Carlton Dachler
Comments: Spent my last year in the navy on Gurnard. This brings back old memories!

Name: Michael Rock ET3/SS (former)
Comments: Good to see a lot of the guys that I served with, Gurnard was the best boat of the 3 that I served on, City boats suck. Anyone seen Shane Bowen or Jeff Hosea? What about RMCM/SS (don't remember his name, he retired just after westpac 93.) Anybody ever get ET1/SS Vannoy an ass to hold up his pants? Who is still in? Drop me a line.

Name: R. J. Ezneker
Comments: Gurnard crew member from 1974-76 and 77-81. Proud member of the "Lower Level Mafia" and founding member of the "Bomb Squad".Zeke

Name: Mark Satterfield MMC(SS) Ret.
Comments: Nice job on this web page, it was nice to see my old boat has a web page!

Record 143
Name: George Penzenick
Website: The Laughing Man
Comments: I'll never forget Billy Lanes face as he looked into manuvering and screamed "Shut the valves! Shut the valves!"

Name: FT2/ss Frank A. Alvarado
Comments: Served onboard between May 92 and last day of Decomm.

Name: Mark Poore
Comments: EM1(SS), on board `83-87 w/ Capt. Wiese. Highlights were WESTPAC `83, Ice Run in `84, PSNS in `85-`87 (actually a low light..). The first E-Div crew was the most solid can-do bunch I have ever worked with, ICCS GQ John, Pangle, Turk, Cox, Posey, Hynes, Benoit, Penwell and Courson could solve any problem. And we had some, the 400 Hz sets needed babying, but our shining moment was the replacement of the Trim Pump armature at the Arctic Circle. Nobody slept for 4 days. The PSNS gang was a solid bunch as well, Law, Lemmons, Scanlon, Grosso, Hadley, Silva, Hicks and McVey were solid shipmates. Lots of good friend forward and aft, miss `em all. Best characters I remember most: FT1 Ray Heinlie (now a San Diego police officer..), MM1(SS) Dusty Carden, ET1 (SS) Jim Bage, IC1(SS) Bill Fitzpatrick and so many others. Thanks guys, you made the ride fun. Like to hear from anyone!

Name: cary king
Comments: I was a crew member from feb of 81 till nov of 83...I would like to be placed on any gurnard assc. mailing list. I was a STS1 served under...Morgan and Wieise.

Name: MMCM(SS) RET Pat Clark
Comments: Onboard Gurnard frm 87-88 Came there from "A" Gang on Billy BAtes and left to play COB on Permit

Name: david coffee
Comments: I was very fortunate to have served whit so many fine people. the many good memories never fade. thumper keep on thumping, larry thompson we ever knew what you would do next, al caine thanx for all the guitar music in thetorpedo rm and at your home. thanks to everyone, although times where not always easy everyone was like a brother to me. God bless everone of you (1977-1979) and the rest of the gurnard family ss254 and ssn662. david coffee

Name: Donald
Comments: Served from 75 to 77 through overhaul. Fond memories of Reberto, Black Smith, Ground Round and all the gang in the back of the boat.

Name: Louis Jackson
Website: Stealth Horse
Comments: JUN 84--OCT 86

Name: Jenn Peterson
Comments: My husband's best freind from the Nuc' program was on the Gurnard, Rich Hill. We all got seperated when he went West to San Diego and we went East to Groton sure enough though the Gurnard met up with the Pargo in Bangor Washington and they decommed in the same dock. If anyone knows where he is we lost touch again after leaving NPTU Ballston Spa, we are trying to find him Thanks

Name: David P Badgley
Comments: I was on USS Gurnard SSN 662 from late 1971 to late 1975. Hey Don give me a call and we can catch up. Have you heard from Squeak, Crazy Willy or any of the old gang. I also question weither or not you have the dink list record.

Name: Lewis F. Fierke
Comments: Ex-submariner myself - but slightly newer vintage. Served on USS ATULE (SS403), USS JACK (SSN605), USS BARACUDA (SST3)- 1960-1967. Consider my time in submarines the best part of my 22 years in the Navy. Retired 1974 as MCPO(SS)

Name: Jaye Letts
Comments: Former lone PN (Yeoman) from May 83 to Oct 86. Currently reside in Washington. Have contact with a few other shipmates that live nearby. Hope to hear from those I knew (know).

Name: Sk Shattuck A.R.
Comments: We did an Emergency Blow right off the western coast of austrailia,Then had a ride of our lives on the surface with the rough seas ,I was the lookout at the time,heading for Stearling Island , right off of Fremantle, we were the first Sub to get to visit the western side of the country ever,If any of my old shipmates out there remember, that was some great liberty, .....Drop a E-Mail Anytime Shipmates ! Glad to hear from ya !

Name: Greg Rosler
Comments: Hi, I was onboard the USS Gurnard (SSN-662) as a SN/SS radioman striker from 1985-1987. Went to Radio school in Groton, CT. After 15 months in Rhotten Groton, I ended up at the USS La Jolla (SSN-701) for apx 2.5 years. I finally got out of the navy in January 1991 as a RM2/SS. It's neat to see that someone still takes an interest in the old boats. My time on the Gurnard could have been better (PSNS sucked). But, I made alot of friends.Good luck to all of you,Greg

Name: Doug Gengler
Comments: Hi everyone. Sorry I had to miss the reunion. I was on the Gurnard from 74 - 77. I left during the overhall. I hope to attend the next reunion.

Name: DOC Gallis
Comments: Congrats to Jim Foote and his group for putting a great reunion together in Hagerstown. Carole and I had a great time. I just have one request for everyone of the Plankowner group. For once and for all, please forget and forgive the Plague shots I had to give everyone on our first trip to Pearl. Remember guys, it's been 30 years. Once again thanks to Jim and everyone else at the reunion for a great time.

Name: William Cross Jr.
Comments: Decommisioning Crew. Crew Member. Jul92 - Apr95. STS2/SS

Name: D. Simpson
Comments: Former crew member and decom crew...Feb 1991-Apr 1995

Name: M. A."ART" Cunningham
Comments: Radio Div. Jan 74-Sep 75. Nice seeing some old shipmates who I used to tip more than a few with. Went to the Portland convention...great time! Still hang around Mike Walls (although I should know better) and Rex Johnson (should really know better!) Looking for old RM gang...Mark Pearson specifically. Live in Las Vegas, NV for past 13 yrs, still on radios (dispatcher at Fire Dept) also HAM operator (N7HSD). If you're in town call 458-3518, I'll show you my favorite microbrewery!

Name: Joe Kline
Comments: I was on the Gurnard from 1983 to 1988. Looking for some old friends.

Name: David Buell
Comments: My father, Benton E. Buell put the first Gurnard into commission in 1942, and was the only enlisted plankowner to put her out of commission in 1945, having made all war patrols in her. His last dive before he passed away in 1992 was aboard Gurnard (SSN 662). Perhaps the Navy will quit naming submarines after cities, and restore the tradition of remembering famous boats in the new class of attack submarines which is soon to be built. Gurnard could sail again!

Name: Keith Kasinger
Comments: Great idea! Just stumbled across this site & couldn't believe how many familiar names I found. I was on the Gurnard (E-Div) from Feb of 89 to April of 93. Went through 1 1/2 WestPacs, the ice run and was there for the grounding. Hope to be able to keep in touch with and/or find some old friends. Hard to believe over ten years have passed! I remember EMC Amick telling me that "in ten years you'll only remember the good time." I thought he was nuts then...Now I think "was it really so bad?" Ya, it probably was but I do miss many of my old friends. Drop me a line sometime if you remember me. Speaking of Mark Amick...anyone hear from him?

Name: Kim Schumann
Comments: Served on Gurnard (EM1/SS) from 1973 to 1977 with only fond memories of guys like Sergio Frost, Gene Hall, Puff Dickinson, Guy Hughes, etc., etc. I still have several copies of the hillarious "Barnapple" underground newspaper. Catman, BLT, Zigzag, Sister Truella, Koal Bucket, Royboy, B. Scroto, Tutor Turtle, The One-armed Section Lagger, Exlax, Chrome Dome, Tusk, GQ, Ground Round and many others made a lasting impression on a lot of people.

Name: Kirk Gillard
From:San Diego, Ca
Comments: Served on Gurnard From Sep 79 to Sep 83 as Nuke MM1/SS have great memories and lasting friendships. Gurnard was a great boat to serve on with lots of great people. Won't make this years reunion but will plan on a future reunion.

Name: RADM Steven R. Morgan
Comments: I was the third "pork chop" on 662 and am now a Naval Reserve admiral who recently was reactivated for 6 months at the Defense Logistics Agency. My neighbor in Richland is a former 662 skipper, John Bickford. I watched Gurnard's reactor compartment "sail" up the Columbia for burial at Hanford.

Name: John H. Gamez (ex-STSSN(SU), STSSA(SU), STSSR(SU), SR
Comments: One of 662's worst ST's here! Got myself kicked off the boat back in June of 1981. Not before my shipmates and myself caused much grief and mayhem in San Diego, Tijuana, Subic Bay, Perth, Australia, and of course deep beneath the waves of the briny Pacific and Indian Oceans. I know some of you may remember me, Carden, Philp, and Donaldson. STS1 Renfro refered to us as the "Fearsome Foursome".

Name: Dusty Carden (former MM2/SS)
Comments: I served aboard the Gurnard from 1980 to 1984 as an ELT/M-Div nuke. Heard she was decommissioned a few years back. Felt like reading an obituary of someone I used to know. I had the privilege of camaraderie with a unique group of quality individuals. I welcome E-mail from any old shipmates who remember the more humorous side of life on the boat.

Name: Jon V. Mikkelsen
Comments: Served aboard USS Gurnard as MM2(SS) from 1982-1985
Name: Francis N. (Frank) Foulke
Website: Vera & Franks Page
Comments: Great page but why isn't there more about SS254? We had a great history too. Like we were in the the only Squadron to see action in both the European and Pacific Theaters in WWII. We didn't do much in Europe except to almost get sunk by a British Lancaster but in the Pacific we sure as hell let them know we were there. Regards, Frank

Name: Mark Nord
Comments: Neat page. Servied on USS Gurnard 93-95, then went to the USS L. Mendel Rivers to finsih my time up. I am currently going to Lake Superior State University to be a wildlife biologist. I would like to hear from some old drink buddies. Talk to ya later. Mark Nord


Name: Ray Yeaple
Comments: I was on board the Gurnard 87-88. I am now trying to find a Zippo lighter from this ship that I had and over time lost. If anyone can provide me with a Zippo lighter from this boat, it would be greatly appreciated. I will pay top dollar for my mistake of ever losing the one I had!

Name: Rick Hawes
Comments: I was a mm1 on the gurnard from '88 to '91. was there for westpac '91, grounding of '89. I would like to say that i was on the North pole trip, but I was too busy enjoying that great san diego weather. looking for the old gang. e-mail me and let me know what is going on

Comments: Served onboard the GURNARD from Sept. 1980 to Dec. 1984 as an SK.

Name: David R. Harnish QMCM(SS) Retired
Website: broadcastreports
Comments: Great job on the web page BZ, look forward to seeing the crew in September


Name: Clifford 'Herbie' Herbst
Comments: Served on SSN-662 from 1971-1974

Name: John Sam Houston
Comments: Served in the Sonar Shack from Sept 1970 - Aug 1976. Had fun at the Portland reunion - sorry I won't be able to make it back to Maryland but be sure to hoist one for me.

Name: Scott Gipson
Website: Forgotten Lane Farm
Comments: I was plank owner in the Gurnard (NAXQ). As an FTG3, I reported aboard in Aug of 68 and left as an FTG2(SS)in Sept '70, after the frist WESTPAC to go to instructor duty at New London. After 3.5 years there I did a year on the Permit prior to my exit from the Navy. I remember a good crew and a lot of hard work. If anyone has seen Bob DeMichelle, FTC, have him get ahold of me - he was on the 662 in the mid 70's. Getting qaulified was really hard work and since I was an AEF Forward, Stan Severance put my ass through the ringer on the final walk through. One good thing about those Dolphins - they sure worked well on a resume.

Name: Jeff Reuter
Comments: Dude is this like for real. I saw all you jokers on this page. What up! almost eight years in still only 2yrs sea time. GURNARD my first and only black boat. DSRV-1 Mystic Rocks!! Kent get some chin pink guy.

Name: Glenn Coyne
Comments: Great Page! I served on the Gurnard 1980 -1983 and went onto shore duty and two more boats before transferring back to civilian world in 1989. Spent 9 years as a manufacturing engineer for a midwest gear manufacturer. And now? Well, now I'm a Senior Consultant specializing in the PP/MM tracks of SAP's R/3 software.

Name: Kent Alexander
Website: ski bum
Comments: Guam on to decomm. Retired early. Do I miss it? Miss what?

Comments: Served in USS GURNARD SSN-662 1981 through 1985


Name: Jeff Saldivar
Comments: Hola fellow shipmates! Just to let you know, I got my Electrical Engineering Degree from Texas A&M! I'm currently employed with DOW Chemical...go figure...Former EM2/SS. Served '89-93 and I still haven't seen the NAM that ETCM/SS Kyle promised I would get for the #2 MG Motor Starter Rebuild...Does anyone know the whereabouts of the cruise book(s)? Last I heard, Big-Head Larry from IOWA had them.

Comments: Crew member (M-Div) from 91-decom, I was the smallest guy on the boat(that sucked), otherwise good memories. Rob Cashell

Name: Steve Katsaros
Comments: Served on Gurnard from 92 til decom!!!!!

Name: Jerry Hadfield
Comments: Decideded after 20+ years to see if I could find out if the Gurnard was still in commission. Found the Subnet site and got in touch with Barry Gubrud who pointed me to Jim Foote. I will attend the reunion and look forward to meeting and getting reacquainted with the folks from the best boat in the Navy. Years of service were 72-75.

Name: Randy Lenssen
Comments: How about a date for the reunion.

Name: Kevin (Scrubber) Rogers
Comments: I served on the Gurnard from 1979-1983 as a Nuke MM1. I know the location of several of our shipmates and would love to hear from some more.

Name: Scott J. Crist
From: Anchorage Alaska
Comments: Amazing to find old shipmates this way, served onboard from 82-84. Good to read Lance's story as COB at the North Pole in the Patrol, makes me realize some of us have been around "along time".

Name: Dave DeHerdt STS1(ss)
From: Westford, Massachusetts
Comments: On board 1975-1978. Discharged 1981. I have been looking for old shipmates for a long time. Lance Reynolds, drop me a line.

Comments: SERVED ON BOARD 1970 - 1971

Name: Joe Kavalsky
Comments: Plankholder - IC2 It was a long time ago

Name: Brent Weir
Comments: The thing I miss the most is Feild Day on day after duty after hydroblasting R-114 condensers all night. NOT!

Name: Ed Ziegler
Comments: Served on-board SSN662 '85-'89. Made some good friends, but lost track of most. It would be great to re-establish contact via e-mail.

Name: Rocky Flora
Comments: Hard to believe all the old friends you forgot and remember on a page for a great ship like the Gurnard. Sent more E-Mail during my visit to this page than I have for the past year.I was on Gurnard from 74-77(about). Went to the North Pole in 76, did most of the overhaul in Bremerton. COs were CDR R. West and CDR H. Chiles. I stayed in the Navy because of the great Machinery Division on Gurnard. Never been attached to a division since that had so many great people in it. Currently serving as the CMC at COMSUBRON Three in Pearl Harbor. Would love to hear from old shipmates. Give me a call if you are vacationing in Hawaii. My number is in the book.

Name: Michael Gasparovic
Comments: I served aboard the Gurnard from August 1986 to March 1990. I have been working at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station ever since. I would love to hear from any of the old crew.

Name: Bill Perry
Comments: I've found a few "Buddies", however I am looking for DOC Sweetheimer, maker of Vulcan Mind Melters, and ICC BART the man with perfect hair. Any suggestions?

From: WESTPAC 92

Name: Larry (Elmo) Craig
Comments: I served on USS Gurnard SSN 662 from Nov. 1970 to April 1974. My shipboard nick name was Elmo Thudd. My rate and rank was SK3(SS). I found this web sight from the USS Gurnard Association Newsletter that was sent to me by my former shipmate and friend Steve Bock.

Name: Frederick Redell
Website: Fred's Place
Comments: On Board '92 to the end. Nice historical stuff. If anyone wants any of those 662 stickers I still have a ton!

Name: Derrek Schlottmann
Comments: Great Idea! I was on boat from 90-94. For all those trapped in Guam... remember all those nights in the jungle? Neither do I, sure was fun though. E-mail me let me know how you're doing.

Name: Al Caine TM1(SS)
Comments: I served on the Gurnard from 1975-1978 with some great submariners like, Driller (Denny Drill), Mac (Gary McNichols),Carp (Rick Carpenter), TMC Wyble, Larry Thompson and many others. I'll plan on making the next reunion that's held in the west. P.O. Box 712, Boise, ID 83701, (208) 455-5229.

Name: Noble R. Mead HMC(SS)USN RET
Comments: I served on Gurnard from Dec 74 to Mar 78. I had some great times and some great memories

Name: Curtis Lillquist
Comments: Great to see a website for the boat. This is the LIPSQUID. I served aboard from '89 thru 93. Had a lot of great and harrowing times. My first underway was BumpEX 89. Talk about an experience. I keep in touch with many of the nuc gang from that same period if anyone wants addresses let me know.

Name: LCDR Nicholas Gianacakos
Comments: Great page, great memories!!!! Sure do miss being a steely eyes killer of the deep. It is one of my proudest accomplishments in life to have been a crew member of SSN-662. Keep up the good work. Nicholas Gianacakos

Name: Michael Meier
Comments: Served on SSN-662 in early 80's. Looking for old shipmates.

Name: Mike Hannagan
Comments: Looking forward to the reunion in Sept.

Name: John McMichael MMCM(SS) USN (Ret.)
Website: The Pump Room
Comments: Great to see a lot of names that I recognize. Served as the Chief of the Boat on the 662 from 90 to 92. Great page and keep up the good work:)

Name: Jason Radke
Comments: Wow, I can't believe there is a website for this ol' boat. She was my first boat, and I was one of her last crewman. I still remember taking over Guam with her and the rest of the crew for that long month and a half of WESPAC. It's good to see a website for her.

Name: Nelson Heintz
Comments: After decomming the 662, went to work at NSTCP in Pearl Harbor. Going to the Hawkbill in June '98... Still in Hawaii.

Name: Keith Young
Comments: XO from '72 to '74. Good ship, good crew, many fine memories.

Name: mm2ss George Holcomb aka GRUB
Comments: served on 662 mid 69 to april 71 phone # 702-575-7941

Name: STSCM Lance Reynolds
Comments: Good Lord! I served with almost every fella listed on the crew roser! Hammerin' Hank, Elly May, & Warhound Wiese... _Them_ were the days! I did a little TD time... 8/76 - 3/78, 5/79 - 11/81, & 4/82 - 7/84. Never forget the day Driller carried the base plate up from the Room, & said "Now put the f#$@&!r together!" GR8 days!

Name: Carl D. Willis-Ford
Comments: ET1(SS), RC Division. On board from '84 - '88. Non-refueling overhaul at PSNS, then WestPac, then out. Now working at PSNS as contractor doing database administration.

Name: Kevin Keyes
Comments: I was a crew member on 662 from 1975-1980. I was in the AGANG.

Name: Darrell Turner
Comments: Served as ELT on Gurnard from 1984 to 1989. Looking to hear from old friends.


Name: Scot Ganshert
Comments: Served on SSN662 from Aug 91 to Apr 95 as an ESM ET. I miss it sometimes but then again I am sort of demented. Hey MMCM Krame I didn't serve on Gurnard with you but you were my CC at Great Lakes from Apr 89 to June 89 (Co.184). I figured that out after I got to the boat and the A gangers described you. Hi to all that know me, feel free to e-mail. Hi to the BUDDYIES.

Name: Jim Sargent
Comments: Thought it was interesting to find the page and see some very familiar names. I served on board from early '72 to mid '74.. .long enough to enjoy a truly memorable experience. Glad to see you guys are still out there and enjoying life.

Name: Don McFarland
Comments: I was the stew burner last half of 72 thru first half of 74. (MAC) But there were a lot of MAC'S. I was probably on the non-qual dink list longer than anyone else. GAFF GAFF GAFF. It's good to see this web site, and I will check in from time to time. See you on the e-mail. Don

Name: Frank Bordo

Name: kris metzger
Comments: served onboard in 1990-1991

Name: Allen Todd
Comments: Heard about this website from some old shipmates. I was (lucky?) enough to make the last westpac on the old 662, then do some dsrv ops and just a whole lot of fun with a good group of guys before ridding the old pig to washington for her final days before decom. I was lucky still to have the honor of making MMC while there, a good credit to the guys I worked with. Hope to hear from some others that were there while I was ( 92-94 )

Name: Thomas E. Autery EM2
Comments: Just to say hi to all my shipmates from 1991 to 1995. Hey Jim.

Name: Capt. John Gallis MSC USN
Comments: I'm a plankowner of SSN 662. Still on active duty and looking forward to the reunion in 98.

Name: Dave Stoops
Website: USS PERMIT home page
Comments: Had orders to the PCU on the 662 in summer of 1967 TAD to PERMIT and never got there. I remember an ET2 nuke who had a blue Mustang on the GURNARD who I understand tried to jump the bridge there at Mare Island unsucessfully.....

Name: Christopher Wellman
Comments: Enjoyed The Both Gurnard Homepages, I was on SSN 662 from 1976 to 1980.

Name: Mike Leiker
Comments: Heard about this site from "Oscar the Grouch". Served on Gurnard from 1978 through 1981 as RO (ET1). Sorry I missed the Portland reunion, especially since I live here.

Name: Greg Krame
Comments: Served on Uss Gurnard SSN662 from Oct 83 to Dec 88. Retired in Aug 94 on USS Nebraska SSBN 739 Gold as MMCM(SS)

Name: Karl Oberloh ex -EM1(SS)
Comments: Ahhh...the memories these pages bring back. I even recognize some of the names..Chrome Dome, Coal Bucket, Rumpled Foreskin, Truella, Miracle Man and a few others. I was on the 662 from 76-80. Some may remember me by the nick Oscar the Grouch, given to me by Peter "Tusk" Stohl. I even work with several ex-Gurnard shipmates (no names used to protect the innocent). I can usually be found on IRC (EFNET) under the nick Grouch.

Name: Cliff Wiese
Comments: I rode SSN 662 for 7 years, 3 as Navigator 1974-1977 and as CO 1983-1984. I plan to attend the 1998 reunion.

Name: Jack McClay
Comments: Got the Sept newsletter, FLASH, NEW ADD: 80 Shelley DR York Haven, PA 17370 PH: (717) 938-4175. I was on the 662 from Aug 85 - Apr 90. Nice to see a lot of names I recognize, and planning on attending the reunion in Maryland. FYI, Pat LePage was on the Gurnard when I was, his address: 75 Walker St Fall River, MA 02723 Put him on your mailing list. See Ya, skc(ss) jack



Name: John C. Loomer, SKCM(ss) Ret
Comments: I'm and EX 662 shipmate. April 83 until after the Puget Sound Ovhl 86. Current residence: 5502 Pinta Ct. Coeur d' Alene, ID 83814. Ph: (208) 666-1389. Currently employed by Vitro Corp at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Acoustic Research Det., Bayview, ID. Logistic Tech for the Seawolf Class SSN.

Name: Robert (Randy) Kilbourn
Comments: Just got the newsletter! I'm already planning my trip to Hagerstown next year!

Name: Ralph D. Odom (JR)
Comments: Father; Ralph D. Odom on Gurnard SS254. He recieved mailing showing web site and asked me to stop by. Will bookmark and have him take a look. He will soon be on line and will add his email to list when he's on. Can be contacted via, Snail Mail at: Ralph D. Odom, 136 Log PLain Road West, Greenfield, Ma. 01301.

Name: David Piller
Comments: Need a fill in for "How did you find us? of SHIPMATE SSN662 1977 to 1980 Leading ELT Just started looking this is great. Jim mentioned that this is the last mailing of the sailing list because of postage problems. Maybe he could e-mail to those of us on line and also e-mail the newsletter to save repro costs and postage. just a suggestion.

Comments: CREW MEMBER SSN 662 12/71 - 12/76; I reported aboard as EM1, and left as EMC. Made the bi-centennial North Pole under the ice-cap cruise. I remember the COs: Bobby Bell, Ralph West (a real s.o.b. but one hell of a tactician). Have many acquaintaces from my time on GURNARD. I remember my LCPO, Gary Woodworth and numerous shipmates: Kim Schumann, Henley, Danny "Rock" Otten, "Buglebutt" Mitchell, Doug Gengler, White, "BJ", and others. Had good times andhad bad times - good times won out!

Name: Edward J. Davis, MM2(SS/DV)
Time: 1997-09-26 11:35:00
Comments: I was a nuke 1973-1978, and was known as "Unconscious Ed", or UED for short. My name was scratched in the CRES under the status board plexiglass in Maneuvering (with a lot of others).

Time: 1997-09-25 18:14:00
Comments: Found the web site and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope more shipmates find it and provide their comments and memories. I served on Gurnard from January 1975-June 1978 - the first icex and the refueling overhaul etc. ADM Hank Chiles was my second CO and later I was privileged to have him commission my first command USS Boise (SSN 764). Living in Silverdale now and commanding my second ship USS HENRY M JACKSON. Saw my old engineer Al Beam at a recent Bangor change of command. Gurnard was my first and in many ways the most memorable.

Name: Michael Gagnon
Website: Homepage
I served on the Gurnard from October 1977 thru July 1978, just at the end of the re-fueling overhaul at Bremerton. I was ELT on duty during Sea Trials and discovered why submariner lore claimed that you could always find the ELT in the rack when you wanted to find him. I also made the cruise from Bremerton to San Diego via Alameda. I saw a few names of shipmates already on the guest log and hope to see more in the future. I suspect Oberloh and Pillar remember the near mutiny we had on the Gurnard when we pulled into San Diego on that fateful trip from Bremerton. I guess I wasn't the only one with a bad attitude, at the time. I learned from Dennis Swann that a good attitude was important. And I still owe Pillar a 6 pack of pepsi over some long forgotten bet. I hope to attend the reunion someday.

Name: Capt(Ret) Ted Hack
From: Centreville Va
Time: 1997-09-12 14:16:00
Comments: Served as XO 79-82, a portion of the time with Hank Chiles as CO. Good times were had by all in Melbourne and Perth!!!!!!!!

Name: Jim Foote
From: Bremerton, WA.
Time: 1997-09-09 07:35:00
Comments: Great website Greg!

Name: steve natarelli
From: rochester,ny
Time: 1997-08-08 03:35:00
Comments: crew member uss gurnard 1979-1982

Name: Jeff Martin
From: Pearl Harbor
Time: 1997-08-02 16:53:00
Comments: Served on GURNARD 1991-1993.

Name: Mike Meier
Time: 1997-07-20 18:03:00
Comments: Served on Gurnard from 1980 thru 1982

Name: Michael A. Powers
From: Rhode Island
Time: 1997-07-19 13:01:00
Comments: Served on Gurnard from June 1986 to Jan 1989 as MPA and later as Comms Officer. Would love to hear from old friends.

Name: Dan Killough
Time: 1997-07-17 21:43:00
Comments: I was on the Gurnard from 82-86. Like to hear from old friends anytime.

Name: Barry C. Gubrud
From: Manassas, VA
Time: 1997-07-12 06:06:00
Comments: Looking forward to receiving the June newsletter.

Name: John Proteau
From: Napa Ca.
Time: 1997-07-03 20:42:00
Comments: I got to say Portland was a good time, and I'm going to try to make to Maryland. I hope alot more crew member next year.

Name: Raymond E.Binns
Time: 1997-06-18 15:52:00
Comments: Just a note to let you my address and to get on the e-mail list. I enjoyed the reunion in Portland and do not want to miss the next one! Ray Binns

Name: Cliff Magnussen
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Tacoma, WA
Time: 1997-06-21 16:25:00
Comments: was aboard when Gurnard was AGSS in Tacoma, now retired TMCMSS as of 1980

Name: Jerry Bingham
From: Arlington, TX
Time: 1997-06-16 20:03:00
Comments: My served aboard the USS254 from 1943 to 45. All nine war patrols. I would like to hear from any of his crewmates.

Name: Gene D. Berrios
Time: 1997-05-23 04:24:00
Comments: Portland was great fun. Hagerstown will be even better.Served aboard SSN662 from April 1971(STS3) to October 1978 ((STS1(SS)). Served with C.R. Bell, Ralph West, and Hank Chiles.Retired in 1993 from the USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul SSN708.

Name: Eric Johnson
From: Los Angeles
Time: 1997-05-02 13:58:00
Comments: The reunion was fun. Look forward to Maryland. Love the Boat Page.

Name: Donald M. Stevens
From: Grafton, West Virginia
Time: 1997-03-16 12:05:00
Comments: I served on the Gurnard SSN 662 MM1(SS)

Name: Dan Killough
From: Turlock CA.
Time: 1997-03-12 13:14:00
Comments: I'm an old Gurnard sailor. SSN 662 from 82-86. Looking for old friends all the time.

Time: 1997-03-11 03:44:00

Name: Robert Hilton
From: Ellicott City, MD
Comments: I posted a note to Ron Martini's Submarine Bulletin Board and Greg Peterman (Thanks by the way) replied with this website. I will enclose the text of the post I left on the bulletin board.Here goes: Around 10 years ago I was researching the Gurnard because my father (Eugene O. Hilton) spent one patrol aboard (summer 1944). I purchased a microfilmcopy of the war patrol reports. I put together a short package for my dad and was able to give it to him two weeks before he died. The reason for this post is while I was reading the war patrol reports there was mention of an aircraft carrier that was presumed sunk but not confirmed. I believe the date was July 1, 1943. Was this ever confirmed? I may have a chance to visit Japan in the near future and may be able to research it further if it has not already been done. Any response would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone remembers my dad I would enjoy a story or two! Thanks in advance, Bob Hilton

Name: Duane J. Truitt
From: Tampa, Florida
Comments: Great website! It's great to see some of the old "lepers" of the '74-78 engineering crew signed in, like Kimmy-Poo, Frosty, Toto, Oscar the Grouch, Unconscious Ed, and others - even some of the wardroom guys and forward pukes! I wonder how many other copies of the "Barnapple" are still circulating out there, to the consternation of Chili-Man! We had a lot of fun at times, in between field days, PMs, endless watches, and general grousing about the Navy. Duane Truitt, former ET1-SS aka "Truella"

Name: Dave Holdaway
From: San Deigo, CA
Comments: Served from Jan 84 to Jan 86.... retired in Jan 86 as RMCS(SS).

Name: Tom Bond
From: San Diego
Comments: Served as XO 1971-1972. Capt. USN (Ret)

Name: MMCM(SS) Greg Peterman
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Boutte, LA
Time: 1997-02-15 12:44:00
Comments: I was a MM1(SS) on Gurnard from 1977-1980. Nuke in M Div and made the WESTPAC in 1979. The liberty in Melborne was great!!