Anniversary Poem

AGCM Fred Baillie, USN, Ret.

Forty Four Years Ago.... 6/30/56

Forty four years ago my dear, we stood before the priest
it was hot and humid inside that church to say the very least.
Family and friends had gathered round to wish us well that day
We were nervous kids, it was scarey...what more is there to say.

The apartment house we chose to share was our reception hall
twasnt grand nor big and shiney but, we still had quite a ball.
We had cake and beer with snacks and chips, wasnt the best I know
But our friends were there and family all just seemed to glow.

Then it was time to bid goodbye to all who gathered there
we were heading for our honeymoon, but no one knew to where.
And then, our first problem... we, so young and silly to think of going far
Because in spite of all our planning, we didnt own a car.

Your good ol brother Whitey, GOD rest his soul in grace
came through and served as chauffer...he took us to our place.
It was just a motel in Virginia but, for our two or three day fling
it could have been Hawaii~~ or Alcapolco... in a suite fit for a king.

In the coming years we would see the our little family grew
They were happy times but hard as well...I was oh~~so proud of you.
The Navy sent me here and there and you always stood by me
Allowing me to do my thing, right and wrong as I served upon the sea.

And now its past, when we were young and we never knew for sure
Could we stand the test and tow the mark... would our union endure.
It did~~ you know and I am glad to have shared this time with thee
And I thank you, Dear~~ with all my heart for putting up with me.

Happy 44th Anniversary, Lucy Darling XOXOXO til next year