Since you Been gone...

AGCM Fred Baillie, USN, Ret.

The days go by so slowly and the nights just drag along
At times I feel I hear you, but its TV...the words are in a song.
Our home is getting bigger, the rooms are growing vast
Too big to clean and scrub and dust, I just cant work so fast.
The telephone rings louder now and sometimes I listen and wait
To see if you will answer, whoever calls... to set them straight.
I fix a little breakfast and wonder what youd like
How come the frig is empty, the cook must be on strike.
Should I do this now or wait til when, did I mail that check on time...
I never know for sure you see, Im still waiting for your sign.
I talk to you, as I pray to GOD and hope that you will hear
I want so much to be so brave, but I need you to be near..
I miss you Dear in every way, Im lost since youve been gone
I know not why I cry sometimes when Im trying to be strong.
The king sized bed we shared as one now seems about to burn
I wake at night and turn my head to check for your return.
I know you cant even if you tried to come back in the night
If you ever could itd scare me dear, Id probably run in fright.
The kids they call to check on me...Ya doing OK now, Dad
Im fine I say...Im doing great...but, why am I so sad.
Im happy Dear for you I think...cause your pain is gone today.
Im selfish though, I miss you so, what more is there to say.
Ill find my way, Ill make my mark and Ill do it all alone.
But it wont be fun as I walk the halls in our big ol empty home.
Since youve been gone my world has turned, the joys no longer there.
Ill do my best to fill your void, but those who know will stare.
Im not the man I used to be, for years I was Lucys sailor mate
I loved that role as I loved you my Dear, even if I came home late.
Our life was good, we saw the world and raised our kids up well.
I think one day well meet again...if I dont end up in hell.
Good night, my Dear ...Im going to bed and hope to sleep straight through
Not toss n turn like the first week went when I was sorely missing you.
I will always miss you, Lucy dear...but I cant go on this way
The sun will rise, the pain will go and I will learn to play.
Since youve been gone, Ive lost my will to think and plan for thee
But I will learn my dear, in time... to plan, to build on your memory