Ode to a broken Computer...

AGCM Fred Baillie, USN, Ret.

Come on...Make my day

Were up and atem early...while the sun paints on the dawn
make coffee, then get the paper thats tossed out on the lawn.
The routine rarely changes...much like its chipped in stone.
But, its nice to have familiar rites...you feel youre not alone.

Paper read, coffee topped off...now comes best of all.
I move to my computer...check mail and answer every call.
I love to swap sea stories...and hear from goats and friends.
To read about their family news and get the latest trends.

Computer working right each day can bring us so much joy
We often take for granted... the pleasures in this toy.
So when the toy gets sickly and can longer do its job.
It makes you sad, then mad as hell...as it turns into a blob.

No worry said the saleman... our bond is true and blue
You bought a three year warranty...well fix it free for you.
I give them all the numbers...those persons on the phone
they say no sweat, you got it made, well soon be at your home.

But the days drag by slowly as I sit n wait for them to call.
My toys still broke, Im sick as hell, are they doing me a stall?
I miss my buds, I miss their jokes, I miss their words so kind...
So please, you SOB computer geeks...get my toy on line.

Thirty four days and counting....2/07/2001
I think they have CLINTON--ED me !!!!