Your Final Hours...

AGCM Fred Baillie, USN, Ret.

I held your hand and brushed your cheek with a gentle kiss, my Dear
Your eyes stayed closed, but I knew you felt me, you felt that I was near.
Your mouth was open and your chest heaved hard as you fought for every breath
We knew the score but dared not mention was made of impending death.
The fight was hard and it lasted long, your showed us how brave you are.
Admiration and love was mixed and muddled... to us... you were a star.
The kids close by...each took their turn, they watched and prayed to him
To keep you safe...away from pain, to perform a miracle for their loving kin.
You spoke no word the whole day long... after early asking just for Mom
Through the silence we felt you say, you could not were going home.
We held you close...wouldnt let you go to where we could not follow
Our love for you was thick and sweet, we were shocked, we couldnt swallow.
The day dragged on, and it was taking a toll... on us, but mostly you
We tried to think all positive thoughts, yet deep down, we knew.
Your ravaged body, now weak and worn was tired of the fight, it begged for rest.
But, we denied your state, we applied our will...we put you to the test.
I know you tried so hard my Dear to stay with us that day
But the time had come to give it up, your spirit was on its way.
To a better place where pain is gone and the cancer is no more.
Please wait for us, my darling...leave a light on as youve done before.
Well carry on with loving memories of you... who made things right.
Never forgetting your smile, your pleasant way as we tucked you in at night.
Goodbye, sweetheart... be well, be happy and tell all you meet above
That family and friends down here on earth remain devoted, with unswerving love.

GOD bless you Lucy, my wife...Mother, Sister, Auntie and Gramma...Yes, were sad
and we all miss you very much but, were also glad you are no longer suffering and that
you now rest in peace.