Poem for Dr. Mann...

AGCM Fred Baillie, USN, Ret.

Through all these years weve shared one roof
We were never sick that much.
The worst that happened in thinking back ...
came when the kids were born n such.
The seasons passed and our nest was emptied
And then there was just us two.
Still strong and young, we thought ourselves
But in truth, we got old, as they all do.
We smoked and drank and did our thing,
We lived like it was all ok.
While underneath the germs took hold,
How fast they grew,... we could not say.
Then one fine day as the sun rose up,
there came Some signs a-new.
That strength had waned, the breath came hard
And we were so worried about you.
The doctor came and he rubbed his chin,
And He instilled in us such hope
He marshalled forces to most unknown
And told us... do not mope .
So, We rallied round and prayed each night
That GOD might intervene,
We asked for him to grant to us
Good health...your soul , and the life we so esteemed.
Doctor Mann and GOD, they worked so well,
Just like a natural team..
To thwart the germs and make them gone
To make you well...redeemed.
Today we raise our hands in praise to those
Whove done so much for us.
Their skill, their love and their caring ways,
We couldnt lose...so now, whats all the fuss ??

Lucille Baillie and the rest of The family extend sincere and lasting gratitude, respect and admiration to Doctor David E. Mann Jr. and all the staff at the West Florida Cancer Center for the good and wonderful ...miraculous things you have done for us...may GOD always bless you and keep you and yours safe and well ...xoxoxo

October 1999 in gleeful remission