Poem for Mary Three...

AGCM Fred Baillie, USN, Ret.

It was hot and humid on that summer day and I was filled with you.
the kids were wild, your Dad was gone and many bills were due.
But, just when things got really bad and I was about to lose my mind
The good Lord reached down and brought YOU to my world on time.

YOU were so very tiny...you could almost fit my hand.
But your voice was loud and strong as the leader in a band.
You grew so fast and healthy and I watched you every day
I loved your moves, your smile...YOU were perfect most every way.

The years went by so fast it seemed ....you were always on the run
but I had such cherished memories and every day was fun.
I watched you become a woman while we moved around the world
and when we finally settled down...you were no longer my little girl.

Graduation brought an end to the days I'd have you home
you were now about to leave... and go off on your own.
You worked DC and made a name...people knew you all around
they said there goes Mary Baillie...she never shows a frown.

When the family packed their bags to head for southern climes
my heart cried out to find a way that I could see you still sometime
But you eased my fear..you left your job, your friends, and your little place,
and I was so happy that you did...cause you filled my empty space.

You worked and strived and all the time you made me proud
My little girl had come of age..I was blessed and so endowed.
Now comes a time when you'll leave once more and do a different thing.
You'll drop your name...begin new life when you don that wedding ring.

I wish you all good things my dear...you surely deserve the best
this life ahead you'll see will be ...a happy challenge-a wonderful test
I'll always be close to watch and help as you move along in life.
And I'll still be proud of what you do as Doug Godwin's wife.