Goat Locker Plank Owner

AMCS Jim Frenchy Bedeaux


1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 Plank Owner

Military Service: From 1954 to 1976

Duty Stations:

1954-59 @ NAS Denver

1959-63 @ NAS Miramar

1963-67 @ USNAF China Lake

1967-76 @ NAS Oceana

West-PAC Cruises:

1959-60, USS Oriskany (CVA-34) RADM "Jumping Joe" Clifton-(Flag)

1961, USS Ranger (CVA-61). Westpac Cruise

1961, USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63) Around The Horn Cruise, Initiated Shellback & Horned Shellback

Med Cruises:

1967-1970, USS Saratoga (CVA-60) Two Cruises

1974-1976, USS Forrestal (CVA-59) Two Cruises

Aviation Squadrons:

VF-142/VF-96 "The World Famous Fighting Falcons", F8's to F4H-1's

VF-31, The Tomcatter's, F4B's, AV/ Equip Chief

VA-43, The Challengers, A-4's, A/C Div Chief, Line Chief, Ass't Maint. Chief

VF-11, The Red Rippers, F4B/J's, Maintenance Chief, Ashore & Afloat, Plus, Hot-Pad @ Key West and Top-Gun @ Miramar.

This ole Airdale's got some steaming & Pin-Wheeling time, I'd do it again!.