Goat Locker Plank Owner

AMCS James D. Blair USN Ret.

2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 Plank Owner

Sept 57, Sworn in at Fort Omaha

Oct/Dec 57 RTC San Diego, Company 389 = E-1/E-2

New Years day 58/Mar 60 NAS Miramar Crash Crew = E-2/E-3/E-4

April 60/Aug 61 VF-92, USS Ranger, Home Port NAS Alameda = E-4

Sep/Dec 61 AMS "B" School, NATTC Memphis =E-4/E-5

Jan 62/Mar 64 VF-193 USS Bon Homme Richard F-3H Demon / Transitioned to F-4H

Phantom, Re-designated to VF-142, changed ships to USS Constellation. Home Port San Diego = E-5

April 64/Sep68 NATTC Memphis, Instructor AMS "A" & "B" schools = E-5/E-6/E-7

Oct 68/Dec 71 VS-38, S-2E, USS Bennington/USS Hornet/USSTiconderoga = E-7

Jan72/May 73 NAMTRADET 1003, A-6E NAS Oceana, Instructor E-7/E-8

May 73/May 75 Nimitz Precommunit Newport News Shipyard/NAS Norfolk = E-8

June 75/August 76 VS-31, S-3A, Uss Indepenence NAS Cecil Field = E-8

Aug 76/Mar 79 Fleet Reserve Worked and went to schools in Jacksonville/Omaha = Damned Sandcrab

Mar 79/Sep 81 VFP-63, RF-8G, NAS Miramar, deployed on USS Nimitz from Norfolk, Cross Decked via USS White Plains to USS Coral Sea during Iran Hostage Crisis, returned via Alameda to Miramar (one a them ROUND THE WORLD's without a young lady). = E-8

Oct 81/Mar 85 Naval Safety Center, located at NAS Norfolk = E-8

Apr 85/Sep 87 VF-143, F-14, USS Eisenhower, NAS Oceana = E-8

Sep 87/Dec 89 Naval Safety Center, NAS Norfolk "TWILIGHT" = E-8

December 89, Retired.

Oct 90/Aug 96 NADEP Norfolk = Damned Sandcrab

Aug 96/Dec97 NADEP Cherry Point = Damned Sandcrab