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AMEC Tony Bostain (USNR)

Joined the Navy in 1983 under the DEP while in High School. The Navy presence was felt in 1984 at MEPS in Seattle where I officially signed up. Off to RTC San Diego where BM1 Tovez taught the finer points in being a recruit. After 8 weeks of fun it was off to Millington, Tenn. where they make me an Aviation Egress Cryogenic Tech. or simply put an AME. "Loved the A-4 AirConditioning System what a piece of cake" In December of "84" reported to my first command at NAS Whidbey Is. better known as "The Rock" to VAQ-129 Vikings. The EA-6B Prowler or "The Queer" as it is known was a sight for someone as young as I. I thought what an ugly Aircraft. Never the less it is a workhorse, and to top it off it has 4 Ejection seats. "Go Martin Baker" Since my first command was shore duty it didnt allow me the excitement of being overseas but i was able to receive some fine training as a Plane Captain, Work Center Sup.and CDI. I decided to reenlist in 1988 and received orders to a standup unit "VAQ-142 GrimWatchdogs" What a command with our first CO nicknamed "Whiskey Bob" we definately lived up to that reputation. Duty had its ups and downs but i had a good time and as a E-5 leading the nightcrew in the W/C it was worth it. Good times on the USS Forrestal. "To top it off we had a big fire in the Hanger Bay before we departed on cruise delaying us, go figure" That was "89" but I am sure it could bring back memories. It turned out to be more of a love boat cruise, spending more time in port than anything else. After the Squadron returned home in "90" it had been decided to decommision "VAQ-142" and recommision as "VAQ-35" the Greywolves. This unit traveled all over from Puerto Rico, Bermuda, California, New Mexico, working with the Air force, Marines etc... In 1992 I decided it was enough and needed something different, so i departed on honorable terms and found a job in Tacoma, WA. I work for AirLiquide America Corp. as a Compressed Gas Tech; filling High Press Gas and Low Press Liquid Cryo Containers. The Navy is still part of my life by joining the reserves in 1992 and affiliating at NAS Whidbey Is. to "VAQ-309 Axemen" Great unit. It became a victim of the powers and decomissioned while I was there. I then transfered to Non Tailhook Aircraft. "VP-69 Fighting Totems" I learned quickly and got promoted to where things seemed to start falling into place as a leader. VP-69 didnt last long because once i heard they were going to stand up a new unit with EA-6Bs I was all over that and sure enough in 1998 the powers stood up VAQ-129 SAU working side by side with the active navy. It paid off well for on September 16th 2002 Officially entered the mess and life has definately changed. Do not have any idea when i will retire but theres more to still learn and I think many young sailors need guidance more than ever. I'm living in University Place, WA. with my son Matthew; age 15 yrs and as a single parent life is great.