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UTC Steve Coffelt USN Ret.

I had a variety of past careers; I came from a family whom were Plumbers and Carpenters. So you can guess what the Recruiter gave me. I started on the old CVA 34 Oriskany as a RDSN in the early '60's (by the way we have a annual reunion. ...CVA 34 Assoc). I struggled through several rates determined never to be a Petty Officer (they never do nuttin') with a goal to be a GOLD SEAMAN. As you know they did away with that allow-ability back then. I was a temporary BM, then SW, ETN, IC and finally a RD. I returned to Reserve duty in Columbus, Ohio, and helped teach NTDS and A TC. Being that I returned to work as a Plumber, I never really enjoyed teaching radar and air control so I began missing meetings. The command caught up with me and gave me an ultimatum. "Drill or Get Out!" Being that I was a Plumber 'they' asked why I never tried asking to be a Plumber in the Navy? DDDaaaaaaa, I did! Anyhow they crossed me over to the SeaBees as a UT3 and the rest is history .I drilled from '67 to '81 and decided to get back Active and returned in August. I did NAM from '65 - '67 in the fleet. Reserves from '76 - '80. From '81 until my retirement in '95 I've been to NAS Norfolk, Gulfport, NSA Souda Bay (Crete ), NOB Norfolk, NA V CON BATT 133 (Det Greece), Gulfport, Roosy Roads, Souda Bay, GTMO Cuba, 20th NA V REG (Instructor) Gulfport, and retired. So you see I had a diverse career that covered a tug boat in Key West, LST Waldo County, CLG Cassingham, MNS Whitehall, DD Sumner (all reserve duty). Then the Oriskany in the '60s, Reserves ti1 80, SeaBees til retirement.