Goat Locker Plank Owner

CMDCM(SW/AW/PJ) David Carter

2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 Plank Owner

Originally from Vero Beach, FL by way of Massachusetts (spent early childhood on Cape Cod). Graduated from Vero Beach High School in 1986. After six months of delayed enlistment, went to Basic Training at RTC San Diego on 1 October 1986. Member of Drill Company 941. Graduated Basic Training in December 1986 and sent to CSTSC Mare Island to attend DS "A" School.

Classed up for DS "A" School in February 1987 as member of class 8716. During Second Phase, got set back two weeks and ended up graduating with class 8718 (as a DS3). Went on to attend CGN-38 Display "C" School, graduating in May 1988. Received orders the the USS VIGINIA (CGN-38).

Served on the VIRGINIA from July 88 to June 92. Held positions as the Display Work Center Supervisor and Senior Sergeant of the Guard. Ony E5 OOD qualified.

After the VIGINIA, went on to attend the ASWOC ADP Maintenance course at FCTCL Dam Neck graduating in December 1992. Received orders to PATWINGSPAC Det ADAK, AK.

Reported to ADAK in January 1993 and frocked to DS1 five days later. Within a couple months found out ADAK made it on the 1993 BRAC list. Left ADAK in May 1994 with orders in hand to the SALTS Program at the Aviation Supply Office (ASO) Philadelphia.

Reported to the ASO in June 1994. Spent three and a half years there as the Maintenance Head of the SALTS Program. Became a "Plank Owner" of the Naval Inventory Control Point (NAVICP) in October of 1996 when the ASO and SPCC Mechanicsburg became one command. Selected as the NAVICP Sailor of the Year in 1996. Sought out and received orders to the PCU HARRY S. TRUMAN (CVN-75) with CVIC Maintenance Pipeline in route.

Reported onboard the TRUMAN in February 1997 while still under construction at Newport News. Initially assigned as the Intel Center Maintenance Work Center Supervisor but soon rose to the CS5 Division LPO.

Converted to ET1 when the DS rate was disestablished in 1998. Selected as the USS HARRY S. TRUMAN Sailor of the Year in 1999 and finalist as the COMNAVAIRLANT Sailor of the Year. Selected for advancement to ETC in July 1999 and proudly initiated as a Chief Petty Officer in September 1999.

Continued to serve on the TRUMAN as the CS3 and CS5 Divisions LCPO. Completed the TRUMAN's maiden deployment to the Persian Gulf and transferred to SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) Team TWO in June 2001.

Reported onboard SDVT-2 in June 1994 as the Tech Support Division Officer. Also served as the MWR Officer and Command Fitness Leader. Qualified as a Small Craft OIC. Served two years there before beeing screened and accepted for duty at the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG).

Reported to NSWDG in July 2003 as the Electronics Material Officer and N62 Division Officer. Attending Basic Airborne Training at Fort Benning, GA in January 2004. Qualified as a Navy and Marine Corps Parachutist in April 2004. Advanced to ETCS in May 2004.

Needing to make myself more competitive for MCPO in a couple years, I have taken orders to the USS CARL VINSON (CVN-70). I will report onboard in September this year.