Goat Locker Plank Owner

SHC(SW)Tim Dodderer

2002 and 2003 Plank Owner

1971: Recruit Training, San Diego, Ca.

1972-1976: U.S.S. Edson (DD-946)

1976-1978: Naval Facility, Centerville Beach, Ferndale, Ca.

1978-1981: U.S.S. Wainwright (CG-28)

1981-1984: U.S.S. Merrill (DD-976)

1984-1987: S.I.M.A. San Diego, Ca.

1987-1990: U.S.S. Fulton (AS-11)

1990-1996: Commander Submarine Group Ten, Kings Bay Ga.

I retired from Group Ten, and am now working as a Veterans Employment Counselor with the Department of Labor.