Goat Locker Plank Owner

EWC Daniel Gosnell USN Ret.

RTC Orlando 1970 ATAN

AT A school and AFTA 1970..1971 AT3

VP30 TAD to AIMD Patuxent River 1971..1973 AT2

AT B school 1973...1974

VA122 1974..1975 A-7 FRAMP then squadron AT shop

VA25 1975..1979 WestPac on the Ranger 1976 AT1

AVIC7 school 1979

AIMD Patuxent River 1979..1981 Avionics Division Admin. Asst them W/C 610

EW A school 1981

DDG23 USS Bryd 1981...1983 Persian Gulf, Shellback on the way to Kenya, Nicaragua, Panama. Gitmo for Reftra ...

Conversion to Electronic Warfare Technician

SLQ32 Maintenance training 1983

DD988 USS Thorn 1984..1986 "Class of 84" off the coast of South America UNITAS 25 and WATC

Instructor SLQ 32 maintenace 1986...1989 Master Training Specialist

AGF 13 USS Coronado 1989..1991

Transferred to the Fleet Reserve 1991

Transferred to the retired list 2000