Goat Locker Plank Owner

MACM(AC)Sam P. Guthrie

2000-2001 Goat Locker Chief Master at Arms

2003 Plank Owner Coordinator

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 Plank Owner

12/50 USN RTC Newport RI

2/51-7/54 USS Coral Sea CVB-43 V30 Div (AOAN)

7/54-9/54 FASRON 3, Norfolk, Va. for separation.

9/54-7/58 CIVLANT NYC NY (what a mistake)

4/58-7/58 (came back to my senses) Brooklyn NY Navy Yard & AN "P" School Norman OK (AOAN)

7/58-10/58 PR "A" School Lakehurst NJ

10/58-1/62 VAW-12 Quonset Point RI with detachments on the USS Tarawa CVS-40, USS Randolph CVS-15 and Det. NORVA Norfolk, VA (PR3-PR2)

1/62-1/65 NAS Glynco GA O2 Reg Repair Shop (PR1)

1/65-9/66 USTRACOM Kenitra, Morocco Paraloft(closed) Air Terminal Supervisor then last year at Security (town Patrol)

9/66-10/67 HC-2 Lakehurst NJ Paraloft attended PR "B" school TAD

10/67-12/69 VQ-1 Atsugi Japan TAD to Shore patrol (Sagami-oska) and Atsugi, Security Dept (criminal investigator)

1/70-9/73 NAS Glynco GA TAD from AC Maint to Security Dept as criminal investigator (PRC Oct 72)(after 9 year drought) converted to MAC, among initial group of 486 to be selected 1973

11/73-12/73 LAWENF SPC SCHOOL USAF Lackland AFB TX

2/74-2/75 NAVCOMSTA Diego Garcia BIOT CMAA (Ist MA on the Island)

4/75-5/77 USS Howard W. Gilmore AS-16 CMAA Then TAD as LCPO of Lamaddalena Area Shore patrol Detachment (MACS 1975)

6/77-11/83 NETPDC Pensacola FL (Ellyson and Saufley Field) wrote the Navy Fleetwide exams (no Boos please) for the MA's. Researched and developed the 2 volume MA rate training manual (published in 1984). Also several chapters for the PO 3-2 Military Requirements and Basic Military Requirements Manuals. (MACM 1978)

11/83 Retired w/30 years of totally enjoyable years and finally retired (for sure) from the Escambia County Florida Sheriff's Office 1/99 after 14 years 10 mos service and living in Navarre, FL.

The picture was taken @ my 1983 retirement with my precious mess cook, SUE.