Goat Locker Plank Owner

FCC(SW) Bill Hunteman

Jul 1982 RTC- Company C-182 RTC Orlando, FLA

Sep 1982 BE and E School SSC/NTC Orlando, FLA

Dec 1982 FT "A" School SSC/NTC Great Lakes, ILL

MAR 83 Advanced to FTM3

Jul 1983 AN/SPS-39A “C” School NAVGMSCOL, FCTCLANT Dam Neck, VA

Jan 1984 USS Charles F Adams (DDG-2) NAVSTA Mayport, FLA

JAN 85 Found out just what it feels like to see the wrong side of C.O.s podium at mast

MAR85 Advanced to FTM2

JUL 85 Converted to FC2

Jan 1987 Tomahawk ABL “C” School FCTCLANT Dam Neck, VA

Aug 1987 USS Missouri (BB-63) NAVSTA Long Beach, CA

NOV 87 Initiated into the mysteries of the Ancient Order of Shellbacks and Entered the Realm of the Golden Dragon

16JAN88 Advanced to FC1

24SEP89 Earned ESWS Designator BB-63

Mar 1990 Tomahawk Instructor FCTCLANT Dam Neck, VA

Jul 1993 USS Caron (DD-970) NOB Norfolk, VA

MAR95 Initiated into the mysteries of the Blue Nose

FEB 96 Royal Sheriff for the eradication of Pollywogs

14FEB97 Finally got married

Feb 1998 ENRO/NORU NAS Pensacola

Mar 1998 NRS Greenville NC NRD Raleigh, NC


14SEP01 Advanced to FCC (Only took 12 times in front of the board!)

15SEP01 Managed to get wife pregnant with our first child (Coincidence? I think not! There was Anchors on them thar Spermies!)

Fleets operated in: 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th Oceans and Seas Sailed: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, China Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Yellow Sea, Baltic Sea, Caribbean Sea, North Sea, Persian Gulf, North Arabian Sea, and probably others that I can’t remember anymore.

Countries Visited: Panama, Haiti, USVI (St Croix, St Thomas, St John), Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philipines, South Korea, Norway, Denmark, UK, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Australia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Djoubouti, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Diego Garcia, Australia, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Curacao, Columbia, Spain, Portugul, Bahrain.