Goat Locker Plank Owner

CSC Jim B. Smith USN Ret.

2002, 2006, 2007 and 2008 Plank Owner

USS Ability (Patrol Craft)

USS Mentor (Patrol Craft)

USS Nantahala AO-60

USS Midway CVB-41

Communications Unit #33 in Racife, Brazil

USS Sea Gull (Minesweeper)

USS Lorikeet (Minesweeper)

USS Harry F. Bauer DMS-26

Shore Duty at NATTC Norman, OK

USS Wisconsin BB-64

USS Willis A Lee DL-4

Shore Duty at VX1 NAS Key West, FL

Retired July 1st 1962 from VX1

I was also on two "Submarine Chasers" during the War. In those days the "Submarine Chasers"

had numbers and no names. They were made out of wood and could do 20 knots.

A collection of pictures from the good ole days! Click on the pictures for a larger view of the picture.

USS Wisconsin BB-64 Panama canal 1957 middie cruise to Santiago Chile

Royalty King, Queen and Baby

Pollywog Chiefs

Long line to become a Shellback

Royal Doctor

Royal Baby

Royal Hangman

Royal Barber

Under the Guns

CS1 Jim Smith

CS1 Jim Smith/Jack Weidwer 1957 middie cruise

New Chiefs, Jim Smith on the right

New Chiefs, Jim Smith on the right

USS Wisconsin BB-64 CSC Jim Smith/CS1 Deavers 1957 middie cruise