Goat Locker Plank Owner

DPC Jess Miller USN Ret.

2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 Plank Owner

Bootcamp Company 083-58, 29JAN58-MAR58

PN’A’ School, APR 58-JUN58

PamiNatracom, Pensacola, FL, JUL58-DEC58

PamiCONUS, Bainbridge, MD, JAN59-FEB61

NELC, San Diego, CA, MAR61-JUN61

FCPCP(FleetComputerProgrammingCenterPacific) JUN 61-OCT64

USNH, Guam, OCT64-FEB 67

NELC, San Diego, CA MAR67-JUN70

USS Providence CLG-6, JUN70-AUG72

FOCCPAC(Fleet Operational Control Center, Pacific), AUG72-AUG74

USS White Plains AFS-4, Sasebo/Yokosuka, Japan, AUG74-AUG77

NSD, Subic Bay, PI, AUG77-JAN80

WWMCCS(World Wide Military Command and Control System), Taegue, Korea, JAN 80-JAN82

Retired JAN 82 in Olongapo, PI worked as a Contractor at SRF Subic, 82-85

Came to the States in AUG85 to Wichita, KS

Work as a Computer Technician for the Air Force at McConnell AFB since APR86

Transferred to the Supreme Commander for final duty station 8/22/11