Goat Locker Plank Owner

ITC Brian Notestein USN

2006 and 2008 Plank Owner

September 1988 reported to Great Lakes for Boot camp.

December 1988 remained at Great Lakes for basic seamanship school.

January 1989 Reported to Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Station, Keyport, WA.

I was undesigated and a deck seaman on a torpedo retriever.

I struck for DP and made rate (DP3) January 1990.

February 1990 Transferred to CINCPACFLT staff.

July 1991 advanced to DP2.

January 1993 Separated active duty and affiliated right away with the Naval Reserve.

1997, Advanced to DP1. Shortly thereafter RM1 and not too much longer after that, IT1.

March 2003Mobilized to EUCOM JAC, UK

Greatest moment of my Naval career September 2004, CPO!