Goat Locker Plank Owner

STC USN/USCG, CWO3(Bosun) USCG (Ret.) Don J. Oglesby

2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 Plank Owner

Transferred to the Supreme Commander for final duty station 3/3/14


1957 Bootcamp Company 288, USNRTC San Diego, CA

1957-1958 Fleet Sonar School, Crs 560 A, Key West, FL

1958 USS Sierra AD-18 Norfolk, VA

1958-1961 USS Damato DDE-871 Norfolk, VA

1962 Nucleus Crew DDG-5 PNSY Phila. PA

1962-1963 USS Biddle DDG-5 Norfolk, VA

1963-1966 Fleet Sonar School, Key West, FL

1967 Fleet Sonar School, B School, Key West, FL

1967-1968 USS Fletcher DD-445, Pearl Harbor, HI

Initiated STC 12/67

1968 USS Philip DD-498 decomm detail, Pearl Harbor, HI

1969 USS Radford DD-446, Pearl Harbor, HI

At this point I took two years off in Spokane, WA then decided that while I liked salt water, it didn't necessarily have to be deep salt water


1971-1974 Fleet Training Group, Pearl Harbor, HI

Initiated STC 2/74

1974 Fleet ASWTRACENPAC, SQS-38 School, San Diego, CA

1974-1976 USCGC Rush Whec-723, Alemeda, CA

1976-1978 USCGC Midgett Whec-726 Alameda, CA CWO Bosun

1978-1980 Coast Guard Training Center, RTSB Alameda, CA

1980 DOD Equal Opportunity Management Institute Patrick AFB, FL

1980-1982 Coast Guard Support Center, Alameda, CA

Retired 9/1/82 as CWO3

Wisconsin State Patrol Motor Carrier Inspector 1985-1999