Goat Locker Plank Owner

AOC Eugene O Neill USN Ret.

Enlisted in the Navy October 1955.Went to Boot Camp in Bainbridge, MD.with the last draftees inducted into the Navy and then to my first duty station at Leeward Point Gitmo, Cuba. Then on to the USS Ranger (Plank owner) at Norfolk, Va., next came NOTS Chinteague, VA. Then off to the USS WASP at Boston, Mass. On the 17 of July 1960 I crossed the Equator, bound from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to the Belgian Congo, Africa and became a trusty shell back. After 4 1/2 years on board Wasp, I was assigned to shore duty at NATU Quonset Point. RI for two years. Then came VC-2 Det. Quonset Point after this tour came the USS John F Kennedy (Plank owner), at Norfolk, Va. Advanced to CPO in November 1969 and got assigned shore duty at the Naval Training Command, Norfolk Va.I was assigned to the Carrier Aviation Ordnance safety course as an Instructor. Also during this tour I served as Vice President of the Advisory Board at the NAS Chief's Club, NAS Norfolk Va. (The Body Exchange)for one year and I also graduated from the CPO Academy December 1970. My last duty station was the USS Forrestal at Norfolk, Va. I stood my last watch and was piped over the side 4 November 1974.
After I left the Navy I got involved in maintenance (electrical and general) in the mental health and nursing homes.
Now I'm just plan old retired.
I am a member of the following:
1. American Legion, Post 34, Annual member.
2. Fleet Reserve Avocation, Branch #117, Annual Member.(Member sense 02/01/1986).
3. USS Forrestal Association, Life Member, Member # 2007
4. National Chief Petty Officers Association, Life member, membership # 3158 L
5. Association of Aviation Ordnanceman, Life member, membership # 8923.
6. Nation Rifle Association, Annual Member.
7. Good Sam Club, Life Member