Goat Locker Plank Owner

SKCS Romualdo (Ray) F. Ramos USN Ret.

Honorably served from March 1954 to May 1984. Went to NTC, San Diego, Calif for Recruit and Steward training. In October 1954 I was involved with the Chinese Nationalist, Evacuation from mainland China to Taiwan while onboard USS Noble APA-218. Was transferred to U.S. AMPHIB base, Coronado, Ca. as a Beach Masters. Then in October 1956 went onboard USS Carter Hall LSD-3 which was home ported in Longbeach, Ca. Then in July 1958 was transferred to Naval Station Kwajalein, MI. After spending a year in the island, was transferred in September 1959 to USS Ajax AR-6 home ported in Sasebo, Japan spending close to three years in WESTPAC. In June 1962 reported to U.S. Navy Communication station San Francisco, Ca and USNAVRADSTA, Vallejo, Ca Then back to sea duty in June 1964, reported onboard USS Serrano AGS-24, home ported in Honolulu, Hawaii. While onboard showed little action in Vietnam, during survey operations of the Mekong Delta river, which we rcvd hostile fire pay. In March 1966 was transferred again to JUSMAG Thailand. I was just about ready to enjoy the beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand, but in March 1967 was ordered by BUPERS to attend the ADCOP Program in which I selected Mt San Antonio College in Pomona, Ca. as my school choice. For two years I was wearing civies except on Thursday’s when we wore our uniforms. I received my AA degree in General Business. Then back to sea duty onboard USS Griedly DLG-21 as PRECOM detail at Bath, Maine from June 1969 to October 1970. On the same year I received my shore duty orders to U.S. Naval Station, Rota, Spain. Just staying over four years ashore. In October 1974 reported onboard USS Richard L Page FFG-5, home ported in Athens, Greece. after a few months the squadron was kicked out of Athens when USA sided with Turkey. In January 1975 we left for NSY Philadelphia, Pa. In October 1976 was transferred to Naval Support Activity, Phila. Pa. for emergency billet tour. March 1977 was back to sea duty aboard USS Luce DDG-38 Home ported in Mayport, Florida. In July 1978 left for shore duty to Human Resources, Washington, DC. In 1980 I was surprised to received a set of orders to USS America CV-66, as command master chief. I challenged the orders by not accepting another star and requested a twilight duty. My request was approved and ordered to HQNAVDIST,Washinton, DC. In May 1984 I retired and changed uniform. Before I was officially retired, I was already working for Advanced Technology, Inc. as Logistics Analyst Supporting NAVSEA PMS400F AEGIS CRUISERS on outfitting. In July 1985 changed company and was hired by EG&G WASC, Inc. supporting NAVSEA PMS411 doing Logistics Certification on AN/SQQ-89(V) systems onboard; FFG7-Perry class, DD963- Spruance class, & CG47-Ticonderoga class. In June 1988 lost the contract and was hired by Tracor Applied Science,Inc. still supporting PMS411 doing the same job & lasted over five years. March 1994 was hired by Basic Technology Corp, as Logistics Analyst supporting HQTRS Military Sealift Command, WashDC doing OX COG management review, and also onsite inventory/re-wharehousing efforts of over 40,000 line items for The Egyptian Armaments authority at Cairo, Egypt. The desert was too hot for me, so in May 1996 LOCKHEED MARTIN TECHNOLOGY Services hired me as Logistics Engineer, supporting NAVSEA PMS380L Security Assistance Program(SAP)/ Foreign Military Sales(FMS) on outfitting JMSDF new destroyers DD2230 Class. Still Going strong & expect to retire in 2003 bound for Las Vegas, Nevada to porsue the games I love of-BOWLING & GOLF. I plan to work part time in the CUSTOMER SERVICE AREA in order to last longer.