Goat Locker Plank Owner

MSCM Brenton M Ramsey USN(Ret.)

Photo of me and my son Captain Brent L. Ramsey and his son Ensign Derek Ramsey taken at Derek's commisioning at UVA in May 1995.

Lifetime Plank Owner

Enlisted 11 September 1942

Boot Camp Newport RI

USS Alcor AR-10

USS Bulmer DD-222

USS Hobson DD-464 DMS-26

NSCS Bayonne NJ

USS Saipan CVL-48


Cargo Handling Battalion Five

USS Leary DD-879

NTC Bainbridge, MD Recruit Instructor

SW Food Management Team, Long Beach CA

Chicago Recruiting District, Chief Recruiter

NAVSTAWASH, DC Charge five galleys

NAS, GTMO Bay, Cuba, two galleys, messhalls

NAVSTAWASH, DC Charge three galleys, mess halls

Schools attended: Cooks and Baker, Newport RI twice, Bakery Management, Fort Lee VA, Instructors School Norfolk VA, Career Counseling School Bainbridge MD, Recruiters School San Diego CA,

I served in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters in WWII including Invasion of Normandy, Southern France and Okinawa. I retired in 1969 as a CSCM. That rating has since been changed to MSCM. Lost sister ship USS Corry in Normandy and the USS Pringle in Okinawa. Only lost four men when part of a kamikaze hit. In 1952 Hobson lost 176 men in a collision with the USS Wasp while on night operations.

Transferred to the Supreme Commander for final duty station 15 MAY 2005