Goat Locker Plank Owner

AKCS John C. Rich USN Ret.

Pictured left to right, top to bottom: C.W. Rich, Apprentice Boy 2nd Class, John C. Rich, AKCS, (Ret),

Lois E. Rich, Navy Wife and Mother, (Dec), Gail M. Rich, RM3, William C. Rich, DCC (Ret) John C. Rich, Jr. ADCS, (Ret)

Billy, John, Lois, Gail, Linda, John Sr., Sandy, Carol Rich 1963

The young boys in the pic are now retired ADCS (the tallest guy) and DCC (the short one)

2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005 Plank Owner

Nov. 1943 Enlisted USNR SV-V6 (age 16)

May 1944 Initiated Shellback

Sep. 1945 Reenlisted Regular Navy

Dec. 1952 AKC(A)(T)

Dec. 1959 AKCS

May 1963 Transferred to Fleet Reserve

Sep 1973 Retired

ARM School Millington

LION FOUR Los Negros

Fleet AirWing Eight

VR 2,4,8,11,12 at NAS Moffett Fld and NAS Honolulu

NAS Alameda Ops Department

NAS Agana, Guam

FasRon 7

ASD Guam

Naval Parachute Unit, El Centro (Leading Chief)

USS Boxer CVA 21

USS Midway CVA 41

Oak Knoll Hospital to bring home future ADCS (Ret) son

Naval Hospital Guam to bring home future DCC (Ret) son

Transfered to the Supreme Commander 6/21/2007