Goat Locker Plank Owner

MMC(SW/AW) Stephen J. Saucier

Bootcamp in Great lakes Nov 1983 to Jan 1984

BT A & 6YO school Jan 1984 to Aug. 1984

USS Lockwood FF-1064 Dec 1984 to Dec 1987

Main Propulsion Maint. C School San Diego Jan 1988 to May 1988

USS Midway CV-41 Jun 1988 to Nov 1991

Instructor BT/MM A & 6YO schools Great Lakes Jan 1992 to Mar 1995

USS Independence CV-62 Jun 1995 to Jun 1998

USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 Jul 1998 to Jun 2000

Frocked to Chief Petty Officer September 1999

Afloat Training Group WestPac July 2000 to present