Goat Locker Plank Owner

NCCS(SW/AW) Mark Simonds

Senior Chief Simonds was born in Nashua, NH, where he entered the Navy 13 AUG 79. After completing recruit training at RTC Great Lakes, his tours of duty have included VRF-31 (NAS Norfolk), VF-31 (NAS Oceana) on board USS JOHN F. KENNEDY, NAS Oceana as Command Career Counselor, VP-10 (Brunswick, ME), Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command,Washington DC, SIMA Norfolk, USS WASP (LHD 1), COMLOGRON TWO (NWS Earle), and COMNAVSURFLANT Norfolk, VA.

NCCS(SW/AW) Mark Simonds does a nice small ships wheel shadow box (20"glass size) and a larger one (24" glass size) also. He also does the standard doghouse, sword boxes, picture framing, etc. He only will provide shadow boxes in the Hampton Roads area. He does not ship out of state.