Goat Locker Plank Owner

HMC Stan Warnock USN Ret.

2002 and 2003 Plank Owner

RTC San Diego, CO 429 Aug 1956

Hospital Corps School San Diego 1956-57

San Diego Naval Hospital 1957-59

FMSS Camp Pendleton 1959

Golf Btry 3-11, 1st Mar Div, Camp Pendelton 1959-61

NPTU - Staff Idaho Falls 1961-62

Naval Hosptial Bremerton 1962-65

Charlie Med, 3rd Med BN 3rd Mar Div Dan Nang 1965-66

USS Cascade AD-16 LPO H-Div 1966-68

Naval Hospital Philadelphia 1968-70

NRMC San Diego 1970-73

NSHS San Diego MST-8 1973-74

USS Hitichiti ATF 103 1974-78 Decomm

NRMC San Diego 1978-79

Retired on Disability in 1979 after 23 years service. It they would take defective antiques, I would re-enlist in a heartbeat. The highlight of my career was being selected for HMC and my tour in Hitchiti as an independent duty Hospital Corpsman. I would like to be in touch with all my old shipmates!