The legend of the CPO fairy has been lost for centuries, but has made a comeback in recent years.

As the legend goes, the CPO fairy was a brave selectee, who was far and again above all other selectees, but seconds after the cherished moment (pinning on the anchors), the brave selectee died as a result of the initiation proceedings. So, impressed was the judge, that the brave selectee was posthumously promoted to E-9.

Now the ghost of that brave selectee, the CPO Fairy, appears each year at this time to protect all selectees. Now, all selectees can have a guardian angel through the initiation by just placing a collar devise under their pillow and saying the following prayer;



CPO fairy, please protect me

I've worked very hard to become a selectee

Keep me safe initiation day

Save my money, and this I pray....

I'll be brave and I won't budge

And I'll honor you with "KISS OFF JUDGE!"


No one ever sees the CPO fairy, but it's real, and you know its been there by the little piles of khaki "Ca Ca" it leaves everywhere, to bless the path of new CPO's.

Last Preventive Maintenance December 30, 2005