One spring day at the Naval Academy the Applied Engineering Class was given an assignment.

The Instructor, a Navy Cdr, gave the class the following details:

The Commandant of the Academy wants a new flagpole placed out on the parade field so it can be seen from his office.  You cannot disturb any existing trees or shrubs and you must not cause any damage to the parade field as it will be used in just a few weeks for your graduation.  It must be completed before your graduation and over a week end so as not to disturb the Commandant.

Off they went measuring, researching and gathering other essential details to put their detailed plans on paper.  The next day they turned in their papers and the following day the grades were handed out.  The Cdr told the class, Everybody passed.  There were some good papers/plans with lots of details submitted but only one A.

The Midshipmen looked around at the papers on their desks and the Midshipman with the A smiled wide.  The Cdr said, Midshipman Smith, stand and read your paper.

The rest rolled their eyes for they could see their papers had real heft and his was very light.  They could not understand how he got an A because he was also done an hour after the class was dismissed.  The Midshipman stood, opened to page 1, the only page under the cover sheet and said:

Scope of the task:  Install a new flagpole out on the parade field.


Completion date - 15 May.

It must be in clear view of the Commandant's office window. 

This must be done without disturbing any existing trees or shrubs and cause no damage to the parade field. 

The task must be done between 1700 Friday and 0700 Monday.

Plan:  Find the nearest Chief Petty Office and task him or her with the job."