Nine Rules of a Chief's Wife

By Robyn Price, wife of ADC (AW) Walter D. Price

1. The chief's wife is always right.

2. In the impossible hypothesis that her lucky husband may be right, see above.

3. The chief's wife never sleeps, she gets her beauty rest.

4. The chief's wife is never late, she is fashionably detained at the mall.

5. The chief's wife never leaves work, her presence is required at the spa.

6. The chief's wife never reads the paper, she's looking for sale ads.

7. The chief's wife never goes on liberty with her friends, she conducts girls' night out sessions.

8. Whoever confronts the chief's wife with an idea of his own, he must beg for forgiveness, buy her a new dress, and take her out to dinner.

9. The chief's wife is always the chief's wife, even in her lingerie.