My Life as a CRF

Long ago Before I was a CRF.
I to sailed the Ocean blue.
I knew the bars in Singapore...
The coastline of Peru,
Duty and other things Sailors do.

I knew well the sting of salt spray,
The taste of Spanish wine,
The beauty of the Orient...
Yes, all these things were mine,
But I put in for recruiting time.

I am on recruiting duty now,
My sailing days are long ago somehow...
with the sailors life I am through.
Without sleep I drive afar
To report to the ACR my DPR

But somewhere deep inside of me...
A real sailor lives there still.
He longs to go to sea again,
But knows he never will,
Because a CRF never quits.

My goal, my life, is here at the NRD,
and I will leave here never.
Though mind and body stay are at MEPS...
My heart's at sea forever

Very Respectfully,
NCC (AW) Daniel T. Butler