For I am a Submariner

I served on the Holland over a century ago. I still serve to
this day on the Trident, Los Angeles, Seawolf & Virginia
class boats and look forward to Rigging-for-Dive the
Minnesota and North Dakota. Places like Fremantle,
Rota, LaMadd, Chinhae, Pattaya, Sasebo, and Subic
stir my soul.
For I am a Submariner.

I rest in peace beneath many seas across this earth.
I was on the Barbel off Palawan, the... Scorpion off the
Azores and the Bonefish in the Sea of Japan. We gave
them hell in the harbors at Wewak and Namkwan. I am
a Shellback, a Bluenose, a Plank Owner, a MCPO of
the Navy, a CNO, and a President.
For I am a Submariner.

I heard Howard Gilmore's final order, "Take Her Down."
I heard the word passed, "Underway on Nuclear Power."
I have done every job asked of me, from a Sparks to
Messcook to Torpedoman to Motormac to Ping-Jockey,
even Friggin-Nuke, COB and Skipper. I know "Snorkel
Patty" and Admiral Rickover.
For I am a Submariner.

I have twin Dolphins tattooed on my chest and twin screws
tattooed on my ass. I know the difference between a Lady
and a Hooker but treat both with equal respect. I know
Georgia Street and Magsaysay drive. And although the
Horse & Cow keeps moving I will always find her. I know
the meaning of "Hot, Straight, and Normal."
For I am a Submariner.

I have stood tall and received the Medal of Honor and
been thrown in the Brig for being Drunk & Disorderly.
I know the reverent tone of "Diesel Boats Forever" and
the Gudgeon's "Find em, Chase em, Sink em." I was on
the Spearfish evacuating nurses from Corregidor and
the Skate when she surfaced at the North Pole. I have
spent time in the Royal Hawaiian.
For I am a Submariner.

I have gone by names like Spritz, Cromwell, O'Kane,
Ramage, Breault, "Mush" and Lockwood. I have served
on boats like the Nautilus, Thresher, Parche, Squalus,
Wahoo and Halibut. On December 7th I was onboard
the Tautog at Pearl Harbor. I was also on the Tusk in
49 and sacrificed myself for my shipmates on the Cochino.
For I am a Submariner.

I have stood watches in the cold of Holy Loch and the heat
of the South Pacific. I know what the "41 For Freedom"
accomplished. I was on the Sealion at Cavite in 41 and the
Archerfish in Tokyo Bay in 45. I have endured depth charges
and POW camps. I was on the Seafox when we lost five
sailors to a Japanese ambush on Guam.
For I am a Submariner.

I tip beers over sea-stories with my shipmates at yearly
conventions. We toll the bell and shed a tear for our
buddies who are on eternal patrol. Many pilots have
been glad to see me, including a future president.
I have completed numerous highly classified missions
during the Cold War. Because "Freedom Is Not Free,"
be assured that I am out there at this very moment.

For I am a Submariner.