Chief Commandments

1) Ignore other opinions. – Regarding leading and managing your people – but always listen; there may be something you need to hear.

2) Have fun but be Professional. – Don’t clown around with your juniors.  You are a role model.  They will take your actions as what they can do but to a higher degree.

3) Stay in shape. – Again, you are the model.  Besides, good health is a prerequisite to long life.  Show them the way to a healthy lifestyle.

4) Know your job cold.  You are the expert.  Ensure your Sailors can “Ask a Chief”!  Study, Prepare, Practice, minimize errors.  No if’s, and’s or but’s.

5) Know your people. Who’s fast, who’s ready, and who needs encouragement.  Know your opponent.

6) Be the same guy every day.  Give people something to look forward to.  No one likes a wishy washy Chief anyway.  Prepare yourself to lead.

7) Passing tasks on to others is not a bad thing.  Realizing you can’t do everything all the time is just good common sense.  Share the wealth.  Learn interdependency.

8) Learn to manage your time.  Watch the clock.  Get ahead of your process.  Plan, plan, execute.

9) Meet Command goals, Personal goals, and Team goals. Score points for your team.  You will be judged by how much you produce.

10) Don’t panic.  When all around you is in chaos, you must steer the ship.  Keep an even keel. 

11) Don’t try to be Mr. Popular.  The Navy needs Leaders, not popularity contest winners.

OSC(SW) Timothy H. Smith