At nineteen years old
I was far from a man
I had no direction
I hadn't a plan

I was in need of a change
And needing it fast
Then something inside me
Awakened at last

I remembered a trip
When I was a boy
To Battleship Texas
The excitement and joy

The memories never left me
They were just trapped inside
And now that I found them
I had a great sense of pride

I was going to be a Sailor
In the United States Navy
And salute those before me
For the freedoms they gave me

My family was proud
My shipmates were true
They all new I'd fight
For the Red, White, and Blue

The ships that I've sailed
And places I've been
Are but dreams to so many
Women, children, and men

Although the path that I've chosen
Is not easy to follow
You see deployments can sometimes
Be a hard pill to swallow

I've held Sailors close
As sometimes they've cried
About news from ashore
That a loved one has died

Or the anger they felt
While getting underway
Because their wife was giving birth
The very next day

But the sacrifices made
Were ones that I chose
The journeys been great
The time it just goes

I have no regrets
I've made lots of friends
The sad part for me
Is soon this all ends

This part of my life
I'll never forget
My dreams have come true
My goals I have met

I now have to go
But retain this belief
Some just wore anchors
Myself, I'm a CHIEF!

PSC(SW) James E. Blackburn