Master Chief

I am your Master Chief.

I am not your buddy or your pal but I am your chain of command's best resource to get shit done.

If you come directly to me with a problem, you are bringing me more problems than just one, and you are letting me know that I'm one of those additional problems.

A large part of my job is to make sure that your Senior Chief is taking care of your Chief who, in turn, is taking care of your Leading Petty Officer who, in turn, is taking care of your immediate supervisor who is supposed to be taking care of you. If any of those folks aren't performing, then I'm not performing.

As your chain of command's best resource, I will fix your problem, and all of those additional problems. I will perform.

However, my remedies may stir up some undesirable consequences for your chain of command and, unfortunately, possibly for you and me. I have a career's worth of experience with undesirable consequences, and I'll get through any and all of them. You may not, and that could be another problem. I don't want that, and I'm sure that neither do you.

As I said, I will fix your problem. I'd much prefer to hear about your problem (and the unsuccessful attempts by your chain of command to fix your problem) from your Senior Chief or Chief. Hearing of it from them will give me an additional opportunity to provide them with a little problem resolution training that they can further pass down your chain, reinforcing your chain of command - another part of my job.

I am not a gear. I am not a cog. I am a linchpin.

I am your Master Chief.