The Goat Locker Clipart

Some of these graphics were created by STGC Benjamin Lebron. He grants permission to use his graphics for not-for-profit projects that will enhance the moral of our military. These graphics are free to use for your mess, division, unit, clubs for private non-commercial use, such as coffee cups, printed materials and T-shirts for unit identification. Not for selling to the public. Remember the graphics are free and not to be used in any commercial endeavor. -Ben Lebron". Just click on the links to view the graphics. There are many variations of the graphics in CPO, SCPO, MCPO form.

Some of these CPO orientated clipart images are black and white gifs. You will need to have a background color other than white (black works best) to view them online or just download them and view them with any gif viewer.

MCPON collar device and crow clipart

MCPO collar device and crow clipart

SCPO collar device and crow clipart

CPO collar device and crow clipart

MCPO, SCPO, CPO Anchors linked together

MCPOSCPOCPO Coast Guard collar device clipart

Command Master Chief Pin

Nice scan of a drink coaster from the Chief's Hut in Pearl Harbor

Navy Veteran Logo

MCPO/Eagle anchor jpg SCPO/Eagle anchor jpg CPO/Eagle anchor jpg
MCPO anchor jpg SCPO anchor jpg CPO anchor jpg
Initiated and Proud Gif Nice CPO Anchor jpg CPO/Navy icons
Navy Chief, Navy Pride