Re-enlistment Ceremony Proceedings

Researched by EMNCS(SW/SS) Matt Church

I went looking for re-enlistment proceedings and seemed to find it VERY difficult to find across the internet, which was fairly surprising. †The MILPERSMAN 1160-020 was very vague, falling back to us.† I collected a bunch of the latest things I could find and some examples of how they would normally be presided over.† These donít happen very often here at NAVSEA itself so thought it might be useful.

Discharge Certificate (I suppose this one is intentionally difficult to obtain, so I left it requiring Adobe Pro)

Certificate to Re-Enlist (fillable)

1 DD256

2 NavPers-1650-78NRev01-06

3 Reenlistments_SOP_Rev_Jun_2023

4 MILPERSMAN 1160-020

5 1.5 Reenlistments and Extensions

6 Re-enlistment Proceedings Example