What does Acceptance mean to you?

Acceptance is a three-part experience: Acceptance by the Mess, Acceptance of Self, and Acceptance of the Mess.

Acceptance by the Mess: The mess collectively validating a Chief Selectee has demonstrated humility, a depth of character, a trust in the mess, and ability to implement the lessons they've not only learned throughout their career and life experiences, but through the course of initiation to lead effectively.

Acceptance of Self: Acceptance of self culminates in a definable moment that not only are you accepted by the mess, but you have accepted yourself as you are; accept that you are not perfect, you have made and will make mistakes, and you don’t have all the answers. Accepting yourself leads to the confidence needed to be an effective leader. Accept and love who you are as a person, but demonstrate humility in your mistakes, commit to improvement, and continually strive to be ‘THE CHIEF.’

Acceptance of the Mess: Acceptance is not a one-way street – return the favor. Accept that the mess is your family to keep you on the right track and provide guidance, as they equally expect you to do the same for them. This is not a one time only concept; continue to evaluate and accept the mess as it evolves and grows, understanding that the way things have always been done is not the way things always should be done. Be the voice of change when growth is required. Accept the mess through its evolution, and drive the ship forward.