USS Chief MCM-14

MCM-14 PictureThe USS CHIEF MCM-14 is named for the former USS CHIEF AM-315, and to honor the service and tradition of the Chief Petty Officer's of the United States Navy. USS CHIEF MCM-14 was christened by Mrs. Susan Bushey (the wife of the seventh Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy MCPON Dwayne Bushey) on 12 June 1993. Construction and fitting-out was done in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, and the ship was accepted from Mr. Ellsworth Peterson on behalf of the United States Navy, and placed in commission by Lieutenant Commander Timothy S. Garrold, USN, her first Commanding Officer, on 8 July 1994.

Adm. Boorda's remarks at the USS Chief MCM-14 Commissioning 5 Nov 94

Crest of the USS Chief MCM-14

MCM_14 CrestNavy blue and gold are the traditional colors of the United States Navy. The mine in the center of the shield represents the mine countermeasures mission of the CHIEF, while the crossed officer's sword and enlisted cutlass symbolize surface warfare excellence. The fouled navy anchor, insignia of a Chief Petty Officer, is further symbolic of the United States Navy's leadership. The three silver stars above the fouled anchor depict the leadership and service of the Master Chief Petty Officers of the Navy (MCPON) - past, present, and future, and honor the ship's sponsor. The stars are also arranged in the same manner about the anchor as the International Navigational Symbol for lights and shapes about the mast; signifying a vessel engaged in mine clearance operations. There are 84 links in the fouled anchor chain, one for each Plankowner and the ship's Sponsor and Matron of Honor. The trident atop the crest denotes sea power. The blue and white surface from which it rises represents both the sea upon which the ship will serve, and the waters of Sturgeon Bay and Lake Michigan, upon which the ship was born. Surrounding the trident are seven stars representing the seven Battle Stars won during the Second World War and the Korean War by the first ship to bear the name CHIEF, USS CHIEF AM-315. The five above the trident are for World War Two, and the two alongside for the Korean War.


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